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My mind races when I try to respond to your emails...pulse quickens, face flushes, never knowing if you will be "good", or get "strict with me"; and when you do tease me, i feel the beginnings of moisture...with that burning desire to kiss your lips, to slowly undress you, to explore every inch of your body...just knowing your hunger is as strong as mine drives me crazy too - wanting to satisfy you and be just as satisfied by you.

just you and inhibitions...locked behind closed doors, the world left behind...dreams finally becoming reality, again and again.
living our sexual fantasies....satisfying our every need.

pulse is racing once again....imagining what that first time with you might be like...that first touch of our nakedness, skin on skin, our mouths tasting, suckling one another.... as your hands roam from the sides of my face, fleetingly caressing the sides my neck, gently, yet firmly grasping my breasts at the same moment you take that first knowing kiss of my lips, holding the kiss indefinitely, deeply, passionately, then what seems like an eternity later, you are moving downwards and suckling each of my breasts, alternately pulling on them gently between your teeth and lips, then when you tire of that sweet torture, you again move back to my lips and feel my body respond as our tongues entwine once again.....i gasp, not knowing if it is to gather air into my lungs or in pleasure - most likely we kiss, your hands move down my back, firmly grasping my ass, pulling me close to you so i can feel your hardness....

you gather me close and lead me to your bed... you have sweetly placed a pitcher of fresh ice water on the stand near by and lit several candles around the room. for my sake... just for me... as you continue your barrage of kisses, i am hardly aware that we have reached the bed and i am now lying across you, your maleness trapped between our stomachs. is such an erotic feeling... you grab me by my ass and position me over you - gently spreading my wet pink folds and pushing up into me - smoothly, knowing it has been such a very long time for me, you move slowly - barely an inch at a time - allowing
my body to adjust to your size...he stretches me to my limit- but i rejoice in the pleasure it is already bringing to me... once you feel my body relax, you begin your dance with me... slowly at first, then faster - then as you sense you are bringing me to the edge, you slow down once again - taking pleasure in making me wait, watching my response to your movements and pleasure that you give me... we exchange positions and you are grasping my legs and ankles and pulling them to your shoulders...accessing my depths fully now.. pulling me towards you as far as you can, you feel that you are about to cum... but not yet - you say it's time to change positions turn me over, grasp my hips and from behind, you pull my dripping wet pussy onto your cock and once again you are gently entering me and alternately going slow and then faster...finally, neither of us can hold back any more, you are taking me and leading me to places I've never your ams.......hhhmmmm...i can feel the heat developing deep within me right now.....can you feel my hands all over you? pulling you, needing you, begging for release???can you feel my hungry touch? my longing for you you to taste me, to bring me to completion that i know that your the only one that could do so??can you feel the wave of warmth pulsing through your body to your cock as you harden again?? can you imagine the passion in our kiss while i am riding your cock, our hands tightly grasping each others, our bodies moving faster and faster, and cumming together uncontrollably as we both cry out in our joy of climax? or, perhaps, i start out by wildly grasping your shirt and removing it so my breasts sway and brush against your chest, my erect nipples touching yours...i reach downwards, removing your slacks, firmly pushing them down and gently remove your cock, caressing him lightly and lovingly up and down..emotionally humbled and touched that you have finally allowed me to touch him/you.....there.....amazed at the size and beauty of him...kissing him everywhere...licking you from bottom to top...cuddling your balls...suckling them, then the other....again licking and suckling up and down on your hardened shaft repeatedly...gently nibbling just around the rim of the tip...tasting of the early beginnings rising to the top...(how sweet you taste to me!)alternately sucking and licking....driving you to the edge...then as i feel your balls tightening...i hold you gently, yet tightly, preventing that final release until you cry out to be inside me, exploding!

Just something to think about!

Your turn!

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