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5/28/2006 11:14 pm

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an email

My Dearest One...

How do I begin to say or express how much I missed hearing your voice? To see the twinkle in your eyes as the corners of your mouth turn-up when you have that naughty little boy look about you, as you reach out to caress me with your warmth so gentle and comforting. Yeess, I miss you, everything about you...

I long to fulfill our desires that we have shared together: the caressing, touching, tasting and most of all the way that you want to make me yours. Yesss, you make me so wet in thinking that you long to be the alpha male in my life to mark me as yours and yours alone, to release yourself as you never have before. Those words, those thoughts still pierce my mind and cover me within and out, in shivers of ecstasy that I know that you can only satisfy...

To have you long, no crave for my essence that is me, in me, Yeess, my dearest, my exalted one, the one that I can only call master, the only one that deserves to be called my master. How does that feel to you, to know that you alone have this hold over me, with just a look you can make me wet with desire and longing to fulfill all that you request from me? Yeess, to be that lady in public and your wanton slut behind doors. Yeess, is all I can say to you, Yeess is all I want to say to you!

Watching you touch that spot, Yeess that one, the one that makes my breath quickens and my pulse race, to feel my lips, my mouth tracing you there, Yeess I can’t help myself. I need to cum to make love with you deeply, without reserves, without thought to hear you say Yeess, you are all that I need to serve me, satisfy me...

As I watch you take him in hand, you there and me here, saddens me to no end, I long for his taste, his sweet saltiness upon my lips, to run my lips across his head and suck him deep within me, to feel him grow strong and deep within my mouth and drink in your essence and then to have you slide down to my portals of longing to hear me say Yeess, to take me in all ways that you desire, my cunt, my ass (for a lack of better words) to fill, to satisfy him and all of his longings, Yeess, fuck me long and hard and then to make soft passionate love to me...Yeess is all I can say, Yeess is all I want to say....

Is it enough, are there more that you need, more that you want? All I know is that to feel your arms around me, to have him inside me filling me with his essence, to have your mouth drinking from my cup of sweetness is what I long to feel with you, and then to lie wrapped in each other’s arms, fully and utterly caught-up in passion as we slowly spoon together into the darkness that doesn’t scream out any more, to at last dream the dreams that only lovers dare do, to sleep....

Forgive my boldness, my dear one, it is remembering of these things that have been shared and of so many more that have gone unsaid here, that still cums to mind and body...Yeesss


AroylSofiaPunts 66M
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9/10/2006 4:20 am

Keep writing you turned your imagination to words,nice work

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