How about Japanese style party?  

syaraku 52M/46F
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3/3/2006 8:32 am
How about Japanese style party?

We sometimes hold swinger's party.
Almost party's location is in Japan.
But we held swinger's party before in USA and Australia.
We got many friends by party.
We think party is only way to get friends all over the world of same life style.
We want strong relationship from party or same life style.
Of course private meeting except party is OK too.

Our party is original style.
Communication is very important in our party.
But we have gaps in culture and language.
We must clear the gaps when we meet other couples.
Party style will clear gaps and let couples who have some gaps relax each other.
Already some couples in Mebius Network who live in Japan took part in our party.
If possible,please ask to them about our party.

Anyway we teach our party's detail and regulation.
Detail of our party is following.
Date of Party is Saturday night(Only Japan).
Party time is from 22 PM to Morning(Only Japan).
Of course you can rest until noon.

Party's regulation is following.
qualificationFOnly Married couple and genuine couple who love each other.(Sex friend couples and instant couples can't take part in party)
We hope members to attend our party have mild character and cooperativeness.
Only gentle men&gentle women are welcomed.

Attention for
Female in play timeFIf you are approached from NG male or required NG ,please say to him Sorry! If you have NG body parts or NG play,please teach to males when you do swap. (NG is No Good)

Attention for
Male in play timeFIf you are pronounced Sorry from ladies,you must stop@approach or play. please use condom when full swap. Don't touch other female except your partner when you don't swap.

No guarantee to play(SEX) in our party.
Because we think heart of each ladies is important.
If you have favorite couple in our party,please enjoy with favorite couple only.
Our party isn't only SEX.
Party's concept is friendship of each couples.
Everybody must respect regulation
Anyway let's enjoy talking drinking and erotic game.
If you have interest in our party,please send message to us.
We are waiting for married couples and genuine couples who agree our concept.

rm_IDMT1963 54M/52F

3/6/2006 8:19 am

It is good that they took the time out to write out the rules. It makes it so much nicer and safe, great job the two of you

rm_golden40 56M/44F
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3/19/2006 5:03 pm

WE are looking forward to meeting you and your friends in your swinging party soon. We are ready to play. Kiss, Golden & Hana

rm_am99am 49M
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8/15/2007 5:17 am

it is nice thinking.
it is same as real (normal) world.

but i don't match between this thinking and some photos in my head yet.

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