fantasy or wishing  

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8/4/2006 8:33 am

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fantasy or wishing

Walking threw the park and not paying attention to anything except how far to the street it was from where i was walking. It was very dark but i had to take a short cut threw the park because the side walk was being worked on. The next section was very dark and had a lite out at the end. I kept walking thinking everything was just fine. by time i got the the corner i was kind of exicted. this is crazy of me i know but the thought of someone sneaking up to me was very erotic. I walked the rest of the way home thinking how crazy i was.. my apartment building was on the corner and was usually lit up. I thought well mayube is something out because of the park being out as well. i open the apartment out side to door and walked in. i walked down the hall to my door and got my keys out. The next thing i did was put the key in the door and turned it to unlock it. Ahand slipped over my mouth and grabbed my hands while someone else put hood over my head and then pushed me into the room. i was blindfolded right away and something was stuffed in my mouth to keep me from screaming. my hands were being tied behind my back and i was made to sit down on the couch. i heard a womens voice and 2 men no wait now i hear 2 women and 2 men talking about not getting caught but that they had been watching me for the last few weeks walk home threw the park. The things that i was made to do and the things that would be done to me ended up being the best night of my life.
I hear some comotion and then my blouse is ripped open and i am hanging out of my bra and then made to stand up and my skirt is ripped down to my ankles then made to sit back down. my arms are untied and then brought above my head as i stand back up. i am moved to the bedroom where i am made to get on my bed on my knees. my hands are now in the air and tied and hanging from what i can tell i smy celling where my plant was hanging. i feel someone get on the bed with me as the bed omves and then feel his cock at my mouth. I am made to take it in and he slides it in and out of my lips with strokes of little force as to make sure i dont bite him i am sure. I feel someone get behind me and start to play with my nipples from behind. making them extremely hard and standing at attention. he moves from in front of meand i feel him slide underneith me so i can sit on his hard throbbing cock... as i sit on the hard cock i take it all in all the way down and am made to sit there. then he grabs my hips and start to rock me back and forth so i am riding him now. i can feel him growing harder and harder as he slides in and out me. he then lifts me up just barely and then slide his rock hard cock into my ass as i scream but he goes in all the way and makes me sit still. i feel him lean me back wardsand grab my hips then i fell another man sliding his hard cock into my pussy. By now i am so wet and not thinking of the people who are doing this. they fuck me so hard non stop thrusting in and out of me. Just as i feel them getting to the point they are going to cum they both stop and pull out. my hands are taken down but still tied. some one else gets on the bed and i feel my head being pushed down and bewtween the legs of a woman. my face is burried into a womans pussy and make to suck and lick her.. her clit got hard almost right away and i licked it hard and flicked it with my tongue and lips until she was screaming but they would not let me stop. as she was coming one of them got behind me and entered my pussy and thrusted his rock hrd cock in and out. she was cuiming so hard and he was thrusting inside of me that i was going to cum then he started to smak my ass and tell me that i needed only to cum when i had made her cum again. i dont know how i did but i made myself stop and licked her very fast and hard till i could feel her orgasm one more time and with her juices flowing and him thrusting inside hard and spamking my ass i almost came emmidiatley.................

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8/4/2006 9:53 am

And here is to you feeling much better!

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