Our First Wish  

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2/5/2006 8:20 pm

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Our First Wish

As we anxiously await their arrival we wonder will they find us attractive. Will we be able to talk easily or will it be strained. We turn to each other and without a word began to kiss and caress each other. He slides his hands under my shirt and with his nails traces a path up to my tits where he begins to slowly rub my nipples thru my bra. I nibble on his lower lip and slide my hand down to his crotch and stroke his semi-erect cock thru his jeans. Suddenly we hear someone clearing their throat and turn abruptly to find our friends from AdultFriendFinder standing behind us grinning....she grabs my hand and says nothing but leads me to the elevator as our husbands follow behind at a slight distance talking softly and giggling like school friends. When the door opens and we walk inside she slowly begins to run her fingers up and down my arm giving me goosebumps. I turn towards her and begin to kiss her deeply and passionately just as our husband's walk thru the elevator doors and stand silently watching. We turn to them and say in unison our first wish is to have each other.

grey_zwaluw 74M

2/6/2006 12:38 am

Put your cock in my cunt! And then you can fuck me,
Han knelt between her thighs uncertainly. He knew what to
do. His brothers had told him, and the men at school had
laughed about it, and he had seen pictures. But actually doing
it was far different! He held his pecker in his hand and pointed
it at the gaping wet mouth of her pussy. "I - would you help me?
I'm not sure ... I've never done this before," he said miserably.
"Oh, darling ... here, I'll help you," Erika said. She
reached out, guiding his dick to her steamy hole. "Just put it
where your finger was and move it back and forth like you did
your finger," she crooned, incredibly turned on by the thought of
taking on a virgin. She held herself in check, not wanting to
scare him with a thrashing display of lust. Let him get in
first, she told herself, opening her hole for him with one hand
and guided his turgid pecker with the other.
"Aaaaaaggghhh," Han groaned as the head of his pecker slipped
into her cunt. It was incredible, feeling her hot cuntlips
grasping his pecker, drawing him into her hole. With a grunt he
thrust forward, his hips taking the sexual motion as second
nature. He sliced into her hot cunt, cleaving her passageway
until he felt his balls smash against her ass, then drew it out
again and pushed it forward. In and out. In and out.
"I'm fucking!" he yelled. "I'm doing it! I'm fucking your

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