sxyinnocentkat 40F
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10/23/2005 10:09 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I need a nice hard cock in me right about now. I've been thinking about it ALL day, but couldn't really do anything about it since I was with the fam. Now I am home, so lonely, too tired to call anyone!

rm_Kedshyn 31M
3 posts
10/25/2005 6:58 am

I'm more than happy to help you out.

DrBuckWild 47M

10/25/2005 10:17 am

No disrespect, but the only one keeping you from having fun is you sweetheart. You are very attractive, but, if you are too tired, drink a Mountain Dew and pick up the phone. The last thing we need on this planet is another pussy longing for cock and not getting it. If you have tried the AdultFriendFinder chat line for your local area, I am willing to wager, that if you spent a little time in there, your problems will be solved in no time.

If you are just venting to vent, then, I am just another guy trying to solve a problem that doesn't need to be solved. Know that you options are out there and make yourself and some guy happy.

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