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3/16/2005 9:43 pm

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My Fantasy

I am very submissive and my fantasy is this.

I am laying in bed almost asleep (you know the time when it is really hard to decide reality from dreams) when I feel someone climb onto the bed. Before I can turn over to see who it is I am quickly blindfolded with a stocking and then promptly smacked on my ass with a paddle for trying to look without permission.
I can smell leather and a musky perfume which by itself is intoxicating. I am then told to lay back and suck my mistresses toes which I eagerly obey. I do it wrong once or twice just to feel the paddle swat my leg. When she is satisfied with her toes being sucked she hovers above my face and tells me to beg for her to lower her very wet and tempting pussy down to my lips.
She is just close enough I can smell her sweet dew and just far enough I can not taste her yet. I begin to beg my mistress to allow me to devour her.
She then begins to tease me lowering herself so I may get enough of a taste to make me long for more. She finds this amusing and decides to make me beg just a little more. Just as she lowers herself to my eager mouth I feel her cat of nine tales softly smacking my moist mound this causes me to suck her lips just a little harder. Then I get another thwack for being to eager.
I then begin to lap her tasty pussy as if it were an popsicle and mmmmmm does she taste good. She is now beginning to grind into my mouth as I fuck her with my tongue darting in and out trying to keep up with her rhythm.
As she begins to cum she once again smacks my clit teasingly with her whip just then she screams trembles violently. I am very satisfied with having pleased my mistress and do not expect anything in return. She said that as my reward she would pleasure me. I am ecstatic at this point.
She turns me over and positions me doggie style and begins to tease me. Once again I am begging my mistress. Please mistress I want to feel your tongue inside me and she surprises me by fucking my ass with her tongue and smacking my clit with her cat of nine tails once again. She can tell I am getting close and she stops everything to allow me to gain control. When she decides that I am under control again she puts on a strap on and has me suck her cock. I readily agree as my pussy is aching to taken care of.
She then asks me if I am ready to be fucked like the little whore I am. I tell her that yes mistress please fuck me. I tell her that I am a hot little whore who needs to be fucked really bad. Once she is pleased with my begging she gets behind me and thrusts hard into my pussy. She tells me to ride her cock like a dirty little whore. This sends me over the edge. I begin to spasm and she grabs hold of my hair and thrust one more deep thrust as I collapse onto the bed. She promtly pulls me back up and has me lick her cock clean. I am told not to take off my blindfold until she leaves. I obey in hopes that my mystery mistress will return.

thundernflash 52M
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3/17/2005 3:28 am

Shall I start a new fantasy for you...

She was led to the bedroom, by the hand, he stood her by the bed while he went into the bathroom and flicked the shower on, she nervously waited, listening to every little sound, waiting as she had been told.

Behind her, his hands slipped round her waist, she stood silently, as she had been instructed, feeling every little touch, every sense heightened as his hands started to unbutton her top from the bottom, gradually moving up, button after button, an arm brushing against a sensitive nipple, the last button unfastened her top hung loosely.

His hands slowly slipped her top of her shoulders, dropping it to the floor, leaning her head to the side, his breathe hot against her neck he was smelling her, her perfume, her scent, his hands started removing the belt of her jeans, as he whispered, telling her what she was going to do, clue's as to what she would be doing, for him, the button of the jean's, the sound of the zip sliding down, her breath heavy, his hands wriggled into the waistband, shuffling her jeans down, over her bum, her hips before they dropped to the floor..

She stood looking straight ahead, although she soo wanted to look, as he bent down, gently taking a leg, lifting it and slipping off her jeans, sock and trainer, first one then the other, standing, his hands ran down her back, then up, massaging her back, squeezing her shoulders, his lips softly touched, kissed her neck, a wet tongue flicked, the hands played with her back for ages before a hand ran along her thong the other one started drawing circles on her tummy, before both, sliding up her back, slowed then stopped at her bra strap, she felt it loosen, the hands continued up her back, lightly, mmm, jesus, before fingers slipped under the straps and it dropped to the floor leaving her breasts bare, exposed, the nipples bursting, protrouding, aching to be touched.

Her mind spun, he was driving her wild, but she knew she just had to stand there while he played, teased her, her eyes shut, she loved it when all of a sudden he stopped, what, why, no, but he did, she stood, waiting as she heard him walk away, she stood waiting, wondering, it was only for a minute but it felt a lot longer before she heard him behind her, again.

The cold, it was metal, made her jump a little, running up her leg, she went to look but stopped, she wasn't allowed, the cold, metal, ran up her leg from her ankle, tracing a path past her knee, her thigh, two snips, god, the scissors, her thong dropped to the floor, she stood, naked, totally exposed for him to see. .. shall I continue? Let me know - email me at AdultFriendFinder (there are ten parts to the story - I know, because I wrote it) Bye for now C

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