Good Morning Ms. Kitty  

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3/20/2005 12:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Good Morning Ms. Kitty

The sun is peaking through the blinds and I cover my head with a pillow. Just as I lay my head down I feel something on the bed. It is my 8" green jelly vibrator I slid under my pillow the night before.

I look blurry eyed at the green toy and then at the clock it is just after 7 and the kids are all still asleep so what the hell. I reach into the drawer next to the bed and take out the lube my anal beads, and some lesbian mags. MMMM not a bad way to start the morning.

I open to a page with a pretty pink pussy being licked by this gorgeous woman. One of the most wonderful sites is a woman's mouth on an open pussy.This picture is perfect for my morning romp so I lube myself up and become the woman with the anticipating pussy.

I am making myself wet enough to ensure the ease of the beads and the jelly penis I can almost feel the other woman's mouth on my moist mound. I slip the beads in slowly and deliberately enjoying the sensation of each one as the gradually increase in size. Then once they are in I use my other hand to operate my jelly green giant. Teasing my clit and slipping the largest bead in and out of my rosy ass.

I close my eyes and imagine my female lover worshipping my stiff little clit. She takes it in her mouth and rolls it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. I gently grind into my imaginary lover. I slip my vibrator into my slit oh god that feels good. I feel the beads rubbing against the head of my jelly penis. The sensation is pure heaven. I sit up and ride the penis up and down while feverishly fucking my ass with the beads. I open my eyes and glance at the beauties on the mag again and I feel my ass begin to spasm around the beads. Oh yes I am cumming I am cumming for my imaginary lover and oh god it feels good.

I lay there a few moments and then slowly pull the rest of the beads out which sends small chills through out my body. I then withdraw my glistening green toy and lick it clean. I love the taste of myself in the morning (the afternoon and night as well for that matter) I finish cleaning it up and lay my head down under the pillow quite satisfied and ready to sleep for a little longer.

lickinlc 47F

4/5/2005 8:20 am

U R Sooooo HOT! I'd luv to help you with that toy! Please contact me....

eatalotofpeach 57F

4/30/2005 2:09 pm

would love to get us all together for a fun filled night.. licking.. sucking teasing.. pleasing... to have more that one woman.. ensuring the orgasm is fullfilled is one of my favorite fantasies.. toys,, tongues.. fingers... massages oils... very erotic..

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