Best Friends always share  

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3/17/2005 7:07 pm

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Best Friends always share

Well I've told you a fantasy now for a reality.
My best friend and I met in 1979 when we started school. Growing up we shared everything. Well 15 years later as married women we decided that since we had always shared everything we should share our husbands.

So one weekend my bestfriend and her husband came to stay the weekend with us. It was a good evening of drinking and playing cards. The card game became strip poker at our request and of course our husbands were happy to go along.

Well slowly she moved towards my husband and I moved towards hers as we glance evilly at each other. The next thing I know my tongue is inside her husbands mouth and my hands are eagerly exploring his body. My god his hands are strong and warm as they move for my breasts. I glance over and my husband is sucking her tits and already rubbing her dripping wet pussy. She is telling him exactly what to do and he loves it.

I take the cue and tell my "man" for the evening to start moving down and licking me. He slowly begins to kiss down my belly and then what seemed like hours later he finally makes it to my protruding clit. I eagerly meet his lips as I thrust forward. Just as I do my husband lays my best friend down next to me and moves down to her mound and begins to lick her too.

I am getting so wet with my husband between her legs and her husband between mine. I then get brought back to my lover as his fingers begin to probe inside of me. I begin to grind against his fingers and mouth. Oh god he really knows how to suck a clit. I hear my best friend begin to moan and this starts to send me over the edge. With in moments we are both moaning and grinding against our temporary lovers. Our husbands seem to take the cue and trade places and begin to fuck us properly. Hard and fast and my husband bends down and probes his tongue into my mouth fresh from my best friend's pussy.

I can smell her and taste her on his tongue this is too much for I begin to spasm and thrust hard forward into my husband's dick and grind against him. My orgasim seems to last forever. I am then left lying on the floor in a shivering heap. I am quite satisfied and so is my friend however our husbands are not. They promptly switch places and I am turned over and my temporary lover inserts his rod into my dripping hole. I gasp as his gerth is larger around. I instictavly rock back into his movements. He reaches down and takes my clit between his thumb and finger and rolls it back and forth. I am in heaven.

I gather from the moans of my best friend that my husband is working her over well too. I decide I want to take control and lay him down on his back and I lower myself onto him. I ride him like my life depends on it. He holds firmly onto my hips as if to make sure I don't rise off him to far. I reach back and take his balls into my hand and run my freshly licked fingers softly around his sack. I tell him I want him to cum for me I want to feel his balls spasm in my hand and almost on cue he obeys. I feel his hot cream filling me as his nuts spasm helplessly in my hand.

I am not sure exactly when my husband finally shot his load into my best friend but as I look over they look equally as satisfied.

My best friend and I decided that we are definately glad our parents taught us very young that friends share everything. (I think our husbands were glad as well)

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