ODE to 2 of the best guys on this site ... OMG!  

sxcurves4u 52F
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2/27/2006 9:36 pm
ODE to 2 of the best guys on this site ... OMG!

On Friday night I felt sorry for myself 'caus I was lonely... I was a fool:
On saturday night, a big gorgeous black smart and funny gentle man came over to watch a movie with me. He had a sore shoulder so I gladly played Mother Theresa and got the massage oil out.

Heck with the movies... He was so hot... The effect on me was the same as his face was when we finally got closer and nude. He admitted candidly how he had fantasised about my breast for so long and they were now in his reach... He just gasped... OMG, what he had in store for me that I proudly generated was quite a spectacle as well. I was showered with carresses and kisses and well... you know. Bliss...

The guys is the whole package. He just has a very busy life. I know he can't be there much if I need him. Doesn't make him less of my favorite...
Sunday afternoon, a Shy black singer and guitar player I had met a few months before came over too. The first time he was at my place, he had brought his guitar and we sang for hours and harmonized candidly... Then, when it was time to go, he hugged me for a long time and I felt the manhood indicating to me he wished he didn't have to leave my arms.

Last night, he was welcomed by me in black sexy pants, and a tight white shirt, low cut. I knew how he wanted to be all over me but he was shy and reserved... It turned me on so much to feel his desires when he carressed my arms and hands all night. Then we clarified that he was spending the night with me... and we moved on to my bed... AGAIN, a black gorgeous body to delight in... OMG, I was showered with so much cuddling... HE never wanted to go all the way... I sat on him with my panties on and he moved under me so smoothly then vigorously... I yearned for him for hours on end. We pleasured one another so much... and I know the best is yet to come...
I loved being with my black men this week-end... I feel confused. I can be this way a little longer I think. Neither want an exclusive relationship (I checked) for now.
I should be quite THE woman on their mind for a few days. On my part, whenever I see a black man on TV these days, I get all hot...

Sorry caucasians... I just can't feel the same with white men... And I have tried... Many times.

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