the girl next door......  

sxcstuey 29M
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6/13/2006 4:21 am
the girl next door......

I would just like to point out that this is true what i say now, even if you don't believe me.
With all this wamr weather we have been having recently its no surprise that people are wearing les and less clothes.
I have just really started to get a buzz from being starkers in the house and yesterday I took this one step further and was in my back garden.
Now my neighbour is a very very gorgeous 24yr old single woman, living with two mates, and even though we don't see much of them, we get on well and chat for quite a while.
Usually she seems quite distant in her chatting because like I say we don't really know much about each other as we hardly see much of each other, but yesterday I was just pegging the washing out (attractive! yeah right!!) completely naked, when the neighbour came out. This in a way got me quite nervous (hadn't been this close to being caught) but at the same time horny and excited.
Well anyway she was working in the garden when she spotted me and said hello. Well as i turned around from behind the towel i was hanging up, and faced her, I saw a look on her face which excited me more, It was a look of surprise but yo uculd see that she was quite excited? happpy? at how I was.
Anyway my little tale doesn't get sexual but that look on her face, combined with my first time out in the garden naked, lets just say has alerted me, and I seem to see and talk to my neighbour a lot more now! (twice today!)
This is a true story as it happened yesterday, but I just thought I would relay it to people who may understand? or fantasizse? anything can happen!
for anyone who read my previous post, mentioning some profiles I couldnt get hold of, still no luck and if anyone remember my lil rant about older women, anyone between the ages of 18 - 32 count, get in touch or pic swap, something that can excite me!
Lets make this site work for something eh!!!!!

Love sxcstuey xXx

ps I LOVE AdultFriendFinder

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