swtlilgal 36F
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3/22/2006 7:31 pm

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5/23/2006 1:03 am


What do you ladies think, do you like a "take charge" kind of man who knows what he wants, or a man that will be submissive to you? Or, do you like whichever suits your mood at the time? What do you like to do to show them what you want?
Pay attention to the answers guys.

silky7163 44F

3/22/2006 9:12 pm

Definetly need and want Him to "take Charge" I personally cannot deal with a man that doesnt know what he wants. Besides arent there only two types of people in the world, Dominant and submissive to some degree? I can see how mood would effect some people's choice. Not me, I know what I want and how...Him in charge, what a turn on!

swtlilgal 36F
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3/22/2006 11:13 pm

I agree that it is a turn on for a man to know what he wants and take charge. But, every once in a while after being together for awhile I like to take charge.

constructionm62 54M

3/24/2006 4:56 pm

nice tits girls... let them puppys out.

rm_Ziggy879 38M
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4/8/2006 4:09 pm

Guys get tired sometimes of always having to make the first move or take charge. It's a relief and often a turn-on to have the girl take charge for a while. I'm not saying we want someone bossy or that you ladies should accept a man with no will or spine, but don't discount a man who defers to you. Maybe he wants you to tell him what pleases you most.

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