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6/16/2005 6:42 pm

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I didn't have sex with anyone until I was probably 20 years old. So I haven't been in "the game" for very long, that doesn't mean that I don't have experience however.

I remember the first time I experimented with myself. I was around 13 years old, and there was a movie called "Loverboy" on tv. Some movie with Patrick Dempsy(sp?) in it. Anyways, that was the first time I ever touched myself in a sexual way. Eventually, I moved on to using a pillow between my legs to rub up against, then, lol, I got a drumstick and used it to penetrate myself. Yeah, I was 13 remember. I never have stopped touching myself, but as the years moved on, I became more in tune with my body and developed new ways to play. I also visited my first porn shop. LOL. I was in college and was 21, I went with a friend that I'd had since I was a freshman in school. It was called The Loveshack, and it was Christmas. She bought me my first toy as a gift.

The first toy I had was a 6 inch long vibrator. It was pink, and I loved it. I used it every night that my roommate wasn't around. It was my "B.O.B." I had some fratboy friends who made fun of me for having it when I got drunk and revealed it to them. Wow, that was embarassing. I got hooked on using toys, and wanted to discover the pleasure I could get with a different one, so I bought a "Golden Bullet," pretty much a pocket rocket. I loved this! I used it so much that it eventually broke, I need to go and get another one. My trips to and from Dallas were so much fun because of this.

I got a vibrator shaped like a tongue and it has a nose on it, which was for clit stimulation, and that one was alright at first, but I prefer the deeper penetration to what it was giving me. I got a glow in the dark vibrator that came with 3 covers to go on the outside, a penis shaped one, a bumpy one, and another one, I can't remember, lol.

The last toy that I bought, was bought in preperation for a guy that I met here off of AdultFriendFinder, his name is opensecrets12. He, by the way, is the most attentive man that I have ever been in bed with, no part of my body was left un-worshiped. Anyways, this toy is a 9 inch long vibrator, and I'm not able to wrap my hand around it. It was a little smaller than what he was, by 2 inches, but it would help me to become more stretched out than I was. This is the toy of choice for me now though. I still use all my other ones, but I love the thickness and the length of this toy. It feels so great when I'm getting stretched by it. Plus, now when I use it, it reminds me of the time I had with the guy, and how much I want him to stretch me again. He asks me if I have an ache in my pussy now...I would have to say yes. The toy is great, but that 2 inches that it is lacking really leaves me "empty."

I would totally recommend getting a pocket rocket though! Best thing ever invented. I drove home one time and had my bra off, I turned that pocket rocket on and dang...I caught a few truckers eyes that day. I started playing with my nipples and sucking them, the whole time I'm driving. It was great. I loved long trips like that!

Hope you enjoyed this. I'm not really finding many things to talk about, but I'm trying my best


6/16/2005 8:20 pm

wow. that was hott. i'm all turned on. hmm...

rm_hot_fucker 46M

6/16/2005 8:26 pm

Can I fuck u?

opensecrets12 36M

6/16/2005 8:30 pm

Miss you already...

swtexygirl1 33F

6/16/2005 9:44 pm

Glad you enjoyed that Geezuhs

swtexygirl1 33F

6/16/2005 9:45 pm

I miss you too opensecrets12 I can't wait until our next encounter.

need_4more2 44M

6/17/2005 3:41 am

Wow! That was insightful and got me daydreaming, could practically visualize you with your top off and driving down the I miss the open road! Hot!

swtexygirl1 33F

6/17/2005 5:45 pm

Thanks need_4more2, yes, the open road can provide for quite a good time

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