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6/18/2005 7:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Holy cow! I'm so amazed at some people. The nerve that they have!

Okay, first off, I am not into women, I have never been into women, and I'm pretty sure I never will be into women. I don't care how others live their lives, but for me, it wouldn't work, I crave cock. LOL.

Secondly, why, after knowing what I said above, since it is clearly stated in my profile what I want, and that I'm straight, would a woman keep bothering me, stalking me almost? This person had the nerve, after seeing the testimonial that opensecrets12 left for me, to go and ask him if she/he(we suspect its actually a man) could have some pics of me. WHAT THE HELL!

She/he emailed me tonight because I'd asked her about that. She/he said that, yes, they did ask for my photos from him, thinking that I would ignore them if they asked me. Hmmm...Thank you opensecrets12 for being such a gentleman, which that person claimed you were not. Those are private photos, for our eyes only, how dare someone ask for them, especially ask someone else for pictures of me!

Then this person had the nerve to comment on the fact that opensecrets12 said I had a "big pussy," and that that was an insult! HA! If only they knew. He wasn't insulting me, he was eluding(sp) to the fact that he had stretched my pussy wide open with his cock! I'm proud of that. As I told her/him:

"As for me and my 'big pussy' I'm proud of it. I took 11 inches of cock. That pussy is a prize, and any day with him will be like that as well...maybe you should buzz off..."

opensecrets12 36M

6/18/2005 9:05 pm

Remind me to stay on your good side

swtexygirl1 34F

6/18/2005 9:35 pm

I think you'll always be on it.


6/19/2005 6:35 pm

some people are just retarded. they should realize that if you want to see something you need to gbe patient and NICE/POLITE. however you want to put it. you cant just going around looking for photos to get yourself off on. the idea is to MEET people form here. thats why its called a persoanls site. im sorry that this MAN is an idiot. but i do have to say HA HA we all get to see pics because we didnt ask for them right away. its a part of networking and trying to make friends. be respectful, get on a friends list, then get photos. OR most importantly READ someones profile. because if HE had HE would have seen that swtexygirl doesnt like her breasts and physical appearace to be the only topic of conversation.

swtexygirl1 34F

6/19/2005 11:37 pm

You said it GEEZUHS, and hit it right on the nose! Thanks

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