A lie is a lie, a truth is a truth  

swtexygirl1 34F
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6/27/2005 2:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A lie is a lie, a truth is a truth

I, personally, don't see the importance of lying to someone to make yourself look better. If you're going to like me, you are going to like me for who I am. I make sure to be as honest as possible. I don't lie about my height, my size, my breast size. I don't lie about things I like to do or about places I like to go. I like sports because I like sports, no other reason. Why make yourself out to be something you're not? Why do you want people to like you for things you made up? Isn't that self-defeating?

One thing I dislike, is that it is so easy to fake a picture or fake your profile. I caught a guy once, using a picture of someone that I've met.

Do people exaggerate, saying they are "bigger" than they are, to impress people, knowing that they have no intention of ever meeting that person? "Well, I can lie to her and chat with her now because she'll never know I'm lying. We're never gonna meet!" Just because you never intend to actually meet someone on here, doesn't mean you have to lie about who you are. If you're a guy with a small cock, hey, some women like that, if you're voluptuous or ample, go ahead and say that, some guys/girls like that too. You don't have to lie about yourself.

I will never lie about myself. I have the intention of meeting people, and I don't want them to see me when we meet and be disappointed in what they find. I'm a curvy woman, a BBW, some men like that, some men don't. So I want to attract the men who do!

Would you ever lie about yourself to impress anyone?

Sorry, I am ranting. Just this thought was on my mind.

Woo! I was able to post this!

opensecrets12 36M

6/27/2005 6:24 pm

First, I would not intentionally lie about myself to you or anyone else. I think people tend to lie to smooth out problems. They meet someone who's really not attractive to them, but they don't want to say it... so they stand people up or just disappear.

Personally I think I'm pretty honest- maybe to the point of being rude- about what I'm like and what I want. But it worked once

swtexygirl1 34F

6/27/2005 11:54 pm

You are very right in that. You were/are more than honest. I do not think that it is rude to tell someone what you like. I'd rather someone say to me that they don't like voluptuous women, than have them do something because they feel "obligated." When a person stands me up, that's rude, or if I'm talking to them and all of a sudden I don't hear from them again, that's rude, although I admit to having done this before, am I a hypocrite? Thanks for your comments opensecrets12, they are always appreciated .

avlicker2 54M

7/1/2005 5:55 am

Just curious - how do you feel when someone lies about something that you can't see? That is, you talk about the physical attributes of a person. What about the person that says they are straight and they are really bi? How about the married guy that says he is single but occasionally just can't see you because he has to work late or be out of town? In my opionion, I would think those would be much more of a foul than lying about a physical characteristic because they are part of you building trust with a person vs just seeing it with your own eyes.

swtexygirl1 34F

7/5/2005 9:27 pm

I agree with you avlicker. Those lies are much worse on a deep down personal level. A man who lies about being married so that he can have sex with me is just trashy. If I found out that that was happening, I'd be devistated. I would never want to come between a man and his wife, even if they were not in a good "sex" relationship. Go see a therapist, don't just have sex with someone who isn't your wife, lol.

Telling a lie about something that is personal, that can't be seen is definately not a good thing. I ask you a question back though. Yes, I don't like that that person lied to me, but will the guilt wear him/her down? I mean, they're lying to themselves as well. Like a bi man saying he's straight...it would end up eating him alive because he's lying to himself.

I hope that made sense. I am so tired, its hard for me to think in complete thoughts.

avlicker2 54M

7/7/2005 4:55 am

First, to be upfront about everything, I am a married guy. However, it clearly says that on my profile along with my opening paragraph, and if you look at some of my posts, I mention it as well in them. Now on to your question . . .

Regarding about the guilt getting to them, I'm thinking it all depends on the level of emotional attachment they have in the relationship. If someone truly cares for you, I would think at some point, they would feel the need to "come clean" on the issue, as I would think over time, it would become very transparent what's going on. However, if they are just looking to have fun, I don't think they would ever come clean. That is, that's their mode of operation, and if you call their bluff, they just move on without any feelings of guilt.

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