Well, It Was Bound To Happen Eventually I Guess ...  

swoosh5171 45M
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8/4/2006 6:18 pm

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10/20/2010 2:22 pm

Well, It Was Bound To Happen Eventually I Guess ...

I've been on this site for awhile now and anyone that's come to me either conversing (live or via the internet) would probably say I'm a pretty easy enough individual to deal with. I respect the opinions/feelings of others and expect the same in return. I've seen some things that have amused me on AdultFriendFinder, as well as a few that have upset me as well, but since most of what I've seen that upset was usually directed others and not directed at/upon me I usually dismissed it as 'misunderstood rants/discussion/remarks'. However, upon checking my AdultFriendFinder mailbox the other night I noticed the following message from some "sad waste of sperm" that goes by the AdultFriendFinder-handle "andy9531" who wrote me the following message ... "nigger i dont care many white girls you fuck you will alweays be a nigger".
That is the waste of a pills message to me in its (stellar grammatical) entirety, as it truly affirms my theory that 'A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but it's an even worse thing to develope unhelped'. "andy9531" clearly is in need of ALOT of help for not only has this 'posterchild for sexual abstinence between siblings' shown his ignorance towards interracial dating, he's shown a literal ignorance when it comes to slighting people. To assist this 'Non-diploma/GED possesing buffoon' in his future efforts at being 'a better asshole' I offer (free of charge, as you probably couldn't afford this advice anyway) the following grammatical lesson. First of all, you probably meant to write the following ... NIGGER, I don't care how (I'm ONLY assuming you meant to put the word how here, as I'm NOT as idiotic as you appear to be, but I'm going to help your stupid ass thru this grammatical dilemma as best I can) many white girls you fuck, you will always be a nigger. And I'm STILL a little confused about why you sent a picture along with the message (but I'm NOT liscensed to work with the 'ignorantly challenged' so I'm just going to chalk it up to you're (undoubtedly overwhelming) ignorance ... yet again. "andy9531", you showed me that even on an adult site where individuals have the right to converse/meet/befriend people of different ethnicities (that means different races, you 'inept waste of a (hopefully) good fuck' or shall I simply say colors so as NOT to confuse your 'fragile (and undoubtedly incestually sired) little mind' ) and where an individual has the right to do so without being harrassed by the likes of an (assumed, admittedly ... 'ignoramous' like yourself. I'll leave you (to your undoubtedly fun-filled weekend of masturbation and hating) with one last comment. Grow up and KEEP your ignorant rants/posts/comments/thoughts as far away from my AdultFriendFinder sight as is humanly possible as I won't be nearly as nice if I ever see another 'manifestation of ignorance' like the message you sent me again.

PEACE ... 'you by-product of a wasted nocturnal emission'

hereIam51757 56F
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8/6/2006 8:37 am

Oh my God, Swoosh!

I cannot believe that someone actually wrote that to you. Ignorance is such a SIN. Apparently, this guy is just jealous of you!

Keep smiling -- and taking those beautiful pics of your great body!


swoosh5171 45M

8/7/2006 4:52 pm

Thanks for the kind words "herelam" and I share your view on ignorance. I don't know how jealous this guy could be of anything I've done on/thru AdultFriendFinder as I ... 1)Haven't done much of anything thru/on AdultFriendFinder for anyone to be jealous about and 2)The little I've done on/thru I keep to myself (as I keep my personal life to myself).


geminigem74 44F

8/14/2006 8:08 am

Sounds like he didn't learn the lesson you did early on..to be respectful, kind and compassionate. Any race, religion or point of view has a right to express themselves freely..that's what we live in a free country. HOWEVER...gentleman of ANY race seem to be hard to find these days, and MAYBE he needs to learn one from one of the real gentleman on this site or any site for that matter...YOU. He's ignorant and a fool..plain and simple.

kimberly2005_06 42F

10/15/2006 2:18 pm

Honestlly swoosh.....If his ass would have took the time to pick up a dictionary and read the damn thing (if possible) he would have known that n--- (gulps, upon the thought of the word uttering from anyones lips) is a low down dirty person. Meaning it exsists in alot of races, not just the SEXY blk men...(zones). But of course his opinion is clearly specified by his ill timed, lame ass, wana be illiterate ass. His opinion is clearly caused by the lack of sexual gratification, and his attitude is self explanatory. Dont feed into that ignorant morans ass. You lost him after "ive been on this site."............take care swoosh.....Kimmy

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