Sexy or Sleazy; Which is Preferred, and When?  

swoosh5171 45M
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10/24/2005 6:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sexy or Sleazy; Which is Preferred, and When?

Just wondering which is an attribute found alluring or attractive by individuals on AdultFriendFinder. Sure, everyone is obviously looking for something in the way of mature conversation/activity, but what is it that makes a particular individual MORE appealing compared to another and what protocol is abided by when it comes to initiating contact with a perspective AdultFriendFinder-friend, how long do you anticipate to keep conversing with an individual once you get to know them on either a platonic or intimate level, etc.

I've been a paying member to the site for awhile now, and honestly I've liked some experiences and I've disliked a few instances on AdultFriendFinder. That thought aside, I was just wondering what others found intriguing/alluring about the AdultFriendFinder experience?

bigfurrybear 41M

10/24/2005 8:31 pm

I just like meeting people in general. I don't go into any new contact with pre-determined ideas of how long to chat or where I want the relationship to go. I just play it by ear and treat each lady individually. Everyone is different. I have only ran into one that I had to break it off with before actually meeting because of lies and deceit coming at me. Other than that just have fun. That's what I do.

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