Just My Analogy ...  

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8/30/2005 6:27 am

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Just My Analogy ...

I have had an AdultFriendFinder profile for quite awhile now, and even became a paying member to the service about 6 months ago (not really expecting anything much other than laughs at first), but in my tenure on AdultFriendFinder thus far I dare to say that I've had quite an eye-opening experience. I have made quite a few associates, and even acquired a few new friends (YES, there is a difference between the two) in the process. I just wonder how many others can share experiences similar to mine, as most consider this a site for mere sex and although that is CERTAINLY the prevalent theme on AdultFriendFinder, I believe that theres just a little bit more to it. I've yet to experience a sexual encounter as a result of any contact made thru AdultFriendFinder (that may change in the future, but to this point I have been an AdultFriendFinder-Destitute, so to speak ... LO. But I'd still consider my experience on AdultFriendFinder to have been a pleasurable one thus far, and hope to continue to add to it as time progresses ... "swoosh"

rm_kisseeface 65F

10/31/2005 10:45 am

Hello Swoosh,

It's been a long time, Babydoll, and I've missed our warm conversations...just been kinda out of it lately. I, too, have experienced a few surprising, albeit, quality friendships that appear to have a life beyond sexual encounters. I met a man from Seattle that flew me there to enjoy the Peuget Sound Ferry and dinner at Pt. Hadlock Inn where we stayed. He is ALL a woman could wish for and has visited my home several times. He's a keeper.

Then...a big Texan living in Telluride who is a 1st class true gentleman, big-hearted, lots of money!!! generous and an outdoorsman. He gives me my own free condo on the ski slopes to enjoy several times a year with no strings attached, except to bake a couple of homemade pecan pies for him. Not bad for a "sex-site," huh? He's taken me to Calvin Klein fashion shows, and international film festivals where I've met directors/producers from all over the world.

Recently I was presented with 1st class tickets to Dallas where I met another rancher who entertained me with a 5 star dinner in the best Seafood Restaurant EVER...and a lovely 3-day stay on his gorgeous ranch. It was the perfect place to rest, have a handsome, well-educated new friend show me around and most of all...he didn't hit on me, though he certainly was 'warm.' He believes in developing "us" first...to ensure quality, not quantity in the beginning. I'm ALL for that!

I'm trying to forget my trip to Montana. I accepted flight arrangements to meet someone almost two years ago. This man is filthy rich, hates today's world, gambles everyday...mostly loses huge amounts, is the housekeeper from hell, fights the IRS, is obsessive/compulsive...hoards every bit of trash EVER and has it crammed into every inch of a 6,000' ft. house! I never went back! He still writes and calls me to change my mind. I didn't let him touch me, no waaaaay...

I found a radio disc jockey/announcer from Philly who was crazy fun, goofy, lively, and I think hiding a broken heart. I let him come to see me a lot and I visited him for about a year. He took me to Chicago to meet the tops in entertainment and I later corresponded with an executive at Sony in behalf of a girlfriend who out vocalizes the Righteous Bros "Unchained Meloday". He advised Clive Davis to bring in bigger speakers for her huge voice because his wouldn't hold hers! Pretty good, huh? We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel where the music conference was held, and the view of the lake was more than magnificent. Bar-b-q babyback spareribs at close-by Excalibur are SO good we went back 3 times in 3 days!

Now, for the best yet...I've been corresponding since Jan. this year with a man from Washington who is taking me to Puerta Vallarta for 3 weeks during Christmas/N.Year. He owns a home on the beach, all the fun things that go with it, and we're going to be on a New Year's Eve cruise with fireworks, dinner, all the party favors one could dream up for welcoming 2006. He sent my airline ticket to join him in Phoenix for the flight to Mexico, paid for my passport and guess what? We've never met in person! He calls several times a week so we can learn about what makes us tick...and I can't wait to lie in the sun and drink tall, fruity-icy concoctions with little floaty umbrellas in them. He has provided provision to keep my return open if I don't like him...otherwise, Viva la Mexico!

My point in all this? Well, I've been grieving a death that made me want to give up living. I joined AdultFriendFinder on a whim and expected only possible sexual encounters though I wanted more. Whilst what's between the legs is one of the bests on earth, what's between the ears and from the heart is the real gift. If you want only sex, this is the place to find it. If your aim is higher and you want friends with staying power, they ARE here. You just have to know how to seperate the wheat from the chaffe. You absolutley can be a lady and a sensual, erotic woman without giving up your soul, and a man a woman wants to come to naked without being pretentious with her.

I'm here as kisseeface; at 1st I was 'onecherryleft'. With both, I've received over 65,000 emails, most of which I never answered. The ones I did though, have been good to me. You just have to be careful not to make reckless choices, and ALWAYS meet in a safe enviornment.

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