Funny How Things have Changed ...  

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9/7/2005 6:44 pm

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Funny How Things have Changed ...

I recall walking thru a mall with an aunt of mine accompanied by a couple of my cousins, it was her sons birthday and she was taking us to a matinee to see a movie whose title I honestly can't recall. We were waiting in line and had a younger couple behind us, I remember looking at the woman admiringly as she was such an attractive young woman and my cousins also had their eyes fixated on her with the same gaze of approval. She noticed our stares and reciprocated with a smile and a hello, extending her hand towards me and gently touched my left cheek, as she complimented on my eye-lashes, saying she wished hers were as long as mine were. I tell you, I could have died and ascended to Heaven right then and there, but I was shaken back to to reality when her male companion made the following comment " ... bitch, leave those little kids alone ... " (I went on an instant emotional roller-coaster going from mad to confused to mad (again) to uncertain) as I was raised to abhor words like bitch, slut, etc and ANY other word that was used to (back then) degrade or objectify women in an adverse/derogatory way. My aunts response to the scenario was one that I'll NEVER forget as she usherred us (me, my cousins and the young woman) out of vacinity so that we couldn't hear what she said to young man that had insulted this woman I had found so endearing, I recall looking at her response as my aunt lit into her (for lack of a better word) friend with a verbal onslaught rivalled only by Richard Pryor in his comedic prime (she thought we out audio contact) as she gave him a lecture that only lasted a half minute at best, but it obviously hurt/embarassed the young man to his heart however short it was as he just turned and scurried off, leaving the young woman amongst the four "little kids" he rebuked her for conversing with earlier. We were then escorted into the theatre by my aunt as she began a private with the young woman that continued thru half of the movie, for it was only at the midway point of the movie that I noticed my aunt seated behind us with young woman. The movie concluded and as we were leaving the young woman was met by an older gentleman that we later discovered was her father and he proceeded to carry on a private conversation with my aunt. Our paths went in different directions in the parking lot of the theatre as the young woman was taken home by her father and we were driven home by my aunt, who lectured us on how if she ever heard (even thru a rumor) that we acted so rudely towards a girl/woman that she'd make sure it was the last thing we did, reiterating what verbage was unacceptable when referring to females as we made our way home.

I recited the aforementioned story for the following reason, for as I browse over the profiles of women (and even some couples) I see "handles" containing the verbage I was rebuked for even thinking of uttering as a child/teenager/young man/adult so prevalently. I assume it is a matter of choice by the party/parties involved what they decide to refer to themselves as; for in this day and age context and comfortability tend to prevail over old-fashioned values/opinions amongst society in general. I'm in no way speaking against any individual that chooses to identify herself by using any type of verbage (whether it be considered obscene or acceptable), but speaking for myself I find it odd how the same verbage that could have gotten me suspended from High School (and subsequently disciplined at home) is now acceptable in society and even condoned by some women nowadays. I think it's kinda funny how things have changed, or is it? ... "swoosh"

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