A Lyrical Epiphany  

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1/24/2006 5:31 pm

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A Lyrical Epiphany

I'm sorting thru miscellaneous boxes , as I've recently with the radio playing in the background. A new (OK ... kinda new) song comes by 'Neyo' (artist) entitled 'So Sick'. For those of you that DON'T listen to R & B the rest of this post will read like a dissertation in Hebrew as you'll have no point of referrence/relativity.

The artist makes the point of being so sick of memories and feelings (allbeit dormant feelings) from a past relationship, NOT that they were bad feelings/memories but that they just seem to cloud his thinking to the point that he can't easily put this former lover out of his mind, or get past the memories of his past lover to the point he CAN'T turn off the figurative radio that plays these recollection over and over in his mind (seemingly involuntarily). The song kinda reminds me of the feelings/emotions we ALL go thru when dealing with relationships whether they end amicably or on less than favorable terms we just CAN'T ALLOW one bad set of circumstances to jade us and possibly cause us to miss out on ANY future glimpse of happiness in the future.

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