Sexual Fantasies (check my profile to read the beginning)  

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5/21/2006 6:26 am

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Sexual Fantasies (check my profile to read the beginning)

I find my thoughts ecletic, my knees weak, and my hands finding his body-massaging his hard chest, rubbing his broad shoulders, grabbing his muscular biceps, and finally sliding my slender fingers down his abs.....

My fingernails lightly tickle his lower abs, past his adorable belly button, till they touch something pulsating immense heat. My fingers venture toward the firey growth, slow with apprehension, then with amazement as they measure his length. His lips break away from mine only to briefly breathe in air before he lowers his head. His wet tongue flicks out to taste my taut nipple, dances with it, teases it. A soft moan escapes from my mouth as my back arches in pleasure. "I need to stop this. I don't even know who he is, this stranger."

Your fantasy and if you are too shy to share, get off this website

rm_305gators 31M

5/21/2006 8:07 am

and the stranger was me!

swooness 34F

5/21/2006 8:59 am

didn't see that one coming though, thanks for including me in your fantasy

rm_4wolfsr 57M

5/21/2006 12:35 pm

There are those days when, it seems, that every where you go you are seeing the same person. Someone you don't know, but because of some unique thing, you remember you had seen them before. Passing her coming out of the gym, catching the scent of freshly washed hair, I turned my head in time to catch her head just turning back around and a smile on her face. I watched her walk away, hips swaying seductively. Now that's an image I can hold for a long time, I think to myself. I'm in a strange town on business. chances are that is all I'll have is a memory.

Later, in a small cafe As I am seated at a table I glance around the room. There she is again. This time I know she is looking at me as she is rising from her table to leave. She is wearing a blouse that is unbuttoned just low enough to expose a hint of cleavage and suggest the soft curve of her breasts. A locket on a thin chain hangs perfectly between them taunting me saying "don't you wish you were here?" As she walks out, I recognize the sway of her hips as she looks back over her shoulder and smiles again, at me. She knows I was checking her out. But she was checking me out too, so my mind starts to wonder what if..........

That evening at a business dinner I look toward the bar to see a woman walking. She is wearing a black dress now, the back is cut low. I can see her smooth skin and the hint of a tattoo of some sort in the small of her back. But I can tell as she is walking, it is the same woman I had seen before. I am captivated by her grace as she walks up to the bar. She is chatting with a couple of guys. I can't help but think, wish actually, that I didn't have this business dinner going on.

After dinner breaks off I return to my hotel. The image of her still in my mind. I doubt she had seen me at dinner. SO I was trying to suppress fantasies that would only end with a cold shower. Then I hear a light know on the door. I suspect it is one of my associates but when I open the door it's her!

I start to ask "How........." but before I can say anymore her lips are pressed against mine, parting and our tongues are hungrily exploring and dancing with each other. After several minutes of deep passionate kissing she pulls away and says she has wanted to do that since she first saw me earlier that day. All I can say is "wow". Then we embrace and begin to kiss again. This time the kiss is lighter my lips want to explore the contour of her mouth, her cheeks, her chin. Her fingers are going through my hair as my lips move their way down toward the locket so they can say I am where you are but there is nothing to keep me from touching what you can not.

Yes, she says, Kiss my breasts as my mouth moves over her nipple. Kissing and sucking through the fabric of her dress. She has pulled my shirt out and I can feel her finger nails gently scratching my back. Lower, then higher, then lower still until she has her hands on my ass, rubbing and squeezing.
I have found my way to free her breast from being help captive. The are are smooth and soft as I had imagined. Her nipples were hard from my touching and sucking, happy to be free. By now she has loosened my belt and her hands are freely moving across my chest, down my stomach, brushing an teasing my cock. She guides me to the bed and together we lay down, lips locked yet again in another passionate kiss.
My hands and fingers glide down her stomach, a belly button ring rises and falls rapidly with each breath she takes. My fingers stop to play momentarily but they know their true mission is to confirm the wetness that can already be sensed. She moans ever so lightly as they find their way to tease her wetness through her panties. The last line of defense, is no match for the desire on both side of the fabric. To feel and be felt. In the throws of passion, I can't tell if it is she or I that have discarded them, but hers are gone as are mine. We are completely naked hands, fingers tongues moving in a rhythm of hungry exploration. Moans and sighs dominate the air as her lips glide over every inch of me. As my mouth probes to find the hooded wonder hidden in the petals.
Our lips meet again as I slide into her. Nature's rhythm takes over as we move and shift front to back, side to side, one on top then the other. Wrestling each other as welling of passion rises from the tips of the toes, swirling through the abdomen, exploding simultaneously in a moment a rapture.
Heavy breathing subsides as we stroke the contours of each others bodies lightly wit our finger tips. She rises, dresses slowly. "Thank You" is all she says. I start to speak but she kisses me fast and hard, just like she did when she came in. Just like that she is gone. I don't even know her name.

alamo1235 58M
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5/21/2006 3:31 pm

I stop by and notice you seem down. I ask what is wrong ? You respond long stressful week, nothing to smile about. I say you have such a nice smile, I love when you smile. You respond I would love to have something to smile about. I tell you I can try to see if I can get you to smile. You respond you are willing to give anything a shot to get you out of your down mood.

I tell you to go to the bedroom take off all your clothes and come back in and I will try to put a smile on your face. You say, yea right and walk back to the bedroom, but in a few minutes you are back with just a towel wrapped around your body. You drop the towel and say give it your best shot. I say I will .I have you sit back in a recliner; then I have you scoot up to the edge of the chair, your buttocks at the very edge.

I place a scarf around your eyes and tell you no peaking. I take your legs and position them so they are resting on the arms of the chair. I tell you to lean back and enjoy.

I start by running my fingertips up and down the insides of your legs, my arms stretched out as I do this. Meanwhile I blow slightly on your exposed pussy, you feel my breath and wiggle and adjust yourself so your legs open wider. I continue to lightly rub your legs while my tongue licks your inner thighs, circling closer and closer to your womanhood. As my tongue is getting closer to your pussy I continue to slightly blow on your pussy.

I continue to lick closer and closer until I am at your slit, I see you spread your legs even wider as I drag my tongue up and down your slit, massaging your lips with my tongue. I notice your lips swell as I lick them and I maneuver my tongue between them, I taste your juice, inhale your scent as my tongue pushes past your lips and enters you. I move my hands and slide them under your buttocks, pulling your body closer as I thrust my tongue into you, massaging your sweet slick canal, licking and tasting your juice.

I feel your hands on the back of my head pushing my face and tongue deeper inside you. You push my head harder toward your pussy as you grind your pussy on my face. I respond by thrusting my tongue faster and faster into you. I move one hand and use my fingers to enter your pussy as I continue to lick and suck you. I start to lick and suck your clit with my tongue and mouth as my fingers continue to massage your pussy.

I feel you let go of my head, however you still grind your pussy into my face. I glance up and see you, eyes closed, massaging your breasts and nipples with your hands and fingers.

The smile on your face makes me think you are enjoying.

I do not know if this counts as a fantasy since it really occurred.
But it is still a fantasy in a way because I desire to do it or something similar again .

swooness 34F

5/21/2006 7:27 pm

She is wearing a blouse that is unbuttoned just low enough to expose a hint of cleavage and suggest the soft curve of her breasts. A locket on a thin chain hangs perfectly between them taunting me saying "don't you wish you were here?" (4wolfsr)

Its always the little things that I find most intriguing, so therefore, it is also the little things that turn me on, especially ones that mock me. excellent story

swooness 34F

5/22/2006 3:11 pm

I do not know if this counts as a fantasy since it really occurred.
But it is still a fantasy in a way because I desire to do it or something similar again .

What makes a fantasy so erotic is that it could possibly happen and you were one of the few lucky that was able to enjoy them. Lucky SOB

alamo1235 58M
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5/23/2006 3:44 pm

And you are so right in this case I was a very lucky SOB.

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