The Age Factor  

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10/14/2005 7:15 pm

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The Age Factor

I am a hoary 56 years old. Amazingly at my advanced age I still have a sex drive. Where once my goal was to cum as many times as I could in each sexual encounter, that eventually changed to having my partner cum as many times as possible. Both were ways of keeping score, like sex was some sort of athletic event. Throughout all of this I was unfamiliar with true intimacy. I thought that sharing my penis and my tongue were enough. Now I cherish intimacy above all. To truly know another human being warts and all and have that human being know me as deeply is an experience beyond the fleeting spasm of orgiastic pleasure. I came to realize that I needed to be touched and held and kissed and that my partner had the same needs. It was a moment of true enlightenment.

Many times my age is viewed by prospective partners as a liability and I am summarily rejected. I have no control over this as I have chosen to be honest about my age. I wish that there were more women in their 50's and 60's on this site but I suspect that they are too shy or embarassed to sign up. If you have friends in that dreaded above 50 age group, encourage them to participate. They have the life experience that I seek.

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