What's a girl gotta do???  

swngcplncosco 38M/34F
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6/18/2006 9:16 pm
What's a girl gotta do???

What's a girl gotta do??? Tonight my hubs was emailing me from his work (he works overnights) and got me all hot and bothered. So I called my regulars... One after the other. (I've only got 3!) No dice. One was an hour away, okay, I can understand that. One was drunk. Don't want that. Man, just sucks! I asked my hubs, what's the point of being a swinger if you can't get laid? I mean, I'm all about being friends and hanging out but tonight I just wanted to get FUCKED. So much for that... Oh well... Life goes on. Just had to get that out... *Sigh*

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