Punishment and Reward  

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7/14/2006 3:43 pm

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Punishment and Reward

Monday night I had to prepare to pick up my sister from the airport in Denver. While I am totally stoked that she's coming to stay for two weeks I am not so hot on being cut off from playing for two weeks. She was catching the EARLY flight in so I was going to have to get up really early to go get her. My dom, knowing it would be another two weeks before we got together, popped online and asked if there was anyway we could get together that night before she hit town. I really didn't think there'd be a way at all. My hubs looked over my shoulder and saw the IM. He got this thoughtful look on his face and said, "Here's the deal, you pack a bag, take the kiddo (he trusts him explicitly or he never would have suggested we go, we're really good friends), and that way you'll be an hour closer to the airport too." (He lives in the next town north.) Wow! Alrighty then... I packed us up and off we went.

We got there and the baby played for a while. He loves kids and is very good with them. He had more fun than she did I think. When she finally went to bed the fun began. He started by making me take off my clothes and expose myself. I bent over and spread my ass for him to look at in my panties. After that he put me on my knees and made me suck his dick while he jerked my panties up and pulled them against my clit. MMMMMMMMM... "Good little cock sucking whore." "Obdient cock sucking slut." He would run his hands up my back which would make me arch so that made me end up sucking his dick on all fours. "Oh yes, suck it on all fours you whore." Finally he told me to get in the shower...

In the shower he told me to wash him and take my time. I washed him up, soaping and massaging, making him wait until I got to his dick. When I fianlly did he just leaned against the wall and let me play. He loves it when I'm obedient. Finally he turned around and washed me, then washed my hair. I love it when he does that. It's so relaxing. He told me he can be sweet, cherishing, or rough and dominate, it depends on his mood. I like that. It's so interesting. After I was clean too he started nibbling everywhere, my breasts, my nipples, my neck. MMMMMMMMm... I like a little biting. We got out of the shower and went back to the bedroom.

In the bedroom he bit on my neck a little more and then put his hands on my shoulders and forced me back to my knees. I started sucking his cock while he moaned and called me names again, urging me on. "Dirty girl" "Cock sucking whore" "Good little girl" "You're such an obedient slut" "So submissive" On and on, the more he talked the more turned on I got. "You suck my dick until I tell you to stop because you're so submissive. Such a submissive slut." After a while he told me he was going to give me a chance to rest, he made me get up on the bed on my back and suck him that way. Then he told me to lick his ass, which I did, but he started licking on me and I started cumming so hard I had to stop and cum several times. When I did that, he got back up and said, "Did I tell you to stop? Why did you stop?" At that point I had his dick in my mouth and all I did was shake my head no. He started to face fuck me and said, "Well, this is punishment." Hmmmmmmm, a new concept... He face fucked me for a few minutes until he touched me again and when he did this time I didn't stop sucking him.

When he stopped he had me move up on the bed and he did a 69 on me. While he licked and licked me he told me he wanted me to suck his dick because he really liked how I suck in that position. He kept licking on me and I kept cumming and cumming. Occassionally I would falter when I'd cum and when he stopped licking me he told me that I'd falter and he face fucked me again, telling me it was punishment for faltering. When he finally licked me again I didn't falter, and it was so hot to purposefully concentrate on not faltering and cumming at the same time. When he got done he told me to get up, hands and knees...

When I got on my hands and knees he said, "Oh yes... I love the way you offer yourself up to me." When I get on hands and knees for him I always arch my back where he can just look at me, totally exposed. Finally he slid into me and I begged for him to fuck me, to make me his whore. Oh god did he. He fucked me, called me a whore, an anal whore, a cum sucking slut. He told me no wonder I'd been so stressed lately, had needed a good fucking. He was fucking me so hard and I was just hanging on. Then H laid down and he was straddling me, he had my hands on the bed and I was being totally dominated. That's the coolest thing. To feel totally helpless, feel like such a complete whore. When we finally got done he lay beside me, stroked my cheek, and said, "Since you've been such a good cocksucker tonight I'm going to spare your ass, even though I know you love it. All things in moderation."

MMMMMMMMMMM... What a night... And he moves in 3 weeks... I think I'm going to cry when he moves...

beachball6969 58M

7/15/2006 8:36 am

Perhaps I could apply to "fill in" for his position when he moves. I might not be as close as he is, but I'm sure I could continue your training as a cock-sucking slut.

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