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Before i get into the story about S2 i feel the need to explain some things. I dont know when exactly but recently the desire within me to find someone who is in the BDSM lifestyle to be dominated by has really been on my mind. I really wanted to find a dominant guy who wanted to make me be his submissive lil fuck toy.

I started talking to S2 and noticed that on his profile he had some stuff about BDSM so i told him all that i was looking for and he was happy to ablige. We also exchanged some of our most kinky fantasies. One of mine included anal sex something i hadnt done before (i know its not that out of the norm but to me its kinky and a turn on). I explained to him that since we were getting to know eachother so well by talking on the internet and on the phone that i wanted him to be the one who fucked my ass. I made him promise that althoug i wanted to be dominated and to be told what to do during sex that if i let him have my ass he would have to be slow and gentle and listen to me and he said that would be no problem.

I arrived at his house at 5:30 and didnt leave until 10. Im getting tired so im not going to write all the details but i will tell you i LOVED being his submissive lil sex toy. I have bruises on my tits from where he bit them and i have one big welt on each ass cheak from where he was spanking me. He made me cum so hard and my ass is going to take him all in soon. Im all about the anal sex now lol. I know some guys just want a one time thing but i REALLY hope that S2 and i can get togeather again sometime soon!

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