My AFF history so far  

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5/22/2006 1:54 am

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My AFF history so far

So i thought i would post my AdultFriendFinder history as a way to begin. i joined AdultFriendFinder in january of this year and so far i have met and have had sex with a few guys. Im pretty pickey and could have easily had sex with more guys but i just dont feel like having sex with everyone who contacts me. a girl needs some standards afterall. of the guys i have met some of them were one night stands but the majority of them were repeats. I enjoyed all but 1 experience and have loved the guys from AdultFriendFinder so far and im also including my other sexual partners. i cant wait to meet more of them. here is a lil about each guy (first name initials only).

M- I lost my virginity to a guy the night i met him, it was a one night stand...pretty telling of my thougts on sex!

E- met him on amatuer match in January and we have been having sex often since then. we have a really strong sexual connection.

J1-Met on AdultFriendFinder and had sex with him for the first time on my birthday. god the sex was good. he decided he wanted a relationship else where though.

T-Met on AdultFriendFinder and keep having sex off and on about once a month or when were both just really horny!

W-Should have known i was bound to meet someone who didnt look like there pic. needless to say im never going there again.

D-met on AdultFriendFinder Men in uniform are so hot! This man really knew how to give it to a girl.

F- Met on AdultFriendFinder This girl loves her forplay F and i had sex for hours. I got the dick down for sure! he has a girlfriend or else i would just want to have sex with him for days.

B-Met online 6 years ago only recently took things to the sexual level things are verry good and it was well worth the wait!

J2- he actually just left my house we didnt have sex but his fingers did this pussy good!

S- he got laid the first day of his AdultFriendFinder membership lol DEFINATLEY want to fuck him really good again.

J3- had some dinner and interesting conversations. then he came back to my house and made the night even better.

S2- All i can say is that older men are where its at. Im so glad i finally found someone willing to explore a lil bit of BDSM!

J4- Nice dick all i can say lol just wish we had time for more than a quickie.

J5- After talking for a LONG time we finally got togeather just gave him a bj though maybe more will happen later.

b2- fun times outside he he nothing like knowing we could get caught fucking.

D2- movies and sex i sure aint complaining

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