J4 and J5  

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6/15/2006 10:07 am

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J4 and J5

So tonight i was put on a mission. Im currently engaged in a semi still evolving Master/Dom "relationship" with someone. Were still figuring alot of things out but so far mmm its good. So he told me that he wanted me to find two guys tonight to have sex with and he wanted me to take pictures and then send them to him. I had a few guys in mind so i started on my task.

J4 and i have been talking for a while and i told him i finally figured out somewhere we could get togeather in my parents empty old house lol. He came over to the house and i sucked him off for a while then i got on top after i came he started fucking me from behind and then i sucked him off to finish him. I got pics of the bj but not of us having sex.

I sent J5 a message asking if he wanted a BJ and could he take pics and he was fine with it. He asked what the taking pics was about and i told him i had a special request for some i didnt go through explaining the whole thing though. After sucking him off for a while he asked if i could titty fuck him something i have actually never done before right as i started to do it and suck his head through the top it didnt take long for him to cum. I got my pics of this to lol. As i left i told him that the one who wanted the pic said thank you.

By this time it was pretty late but i still wanted to get laid again because i was just sooo horny but it was late and i couldnt get ahold of anyone so i just went home and looked at the pics (HOTT) and went to bed.

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