Gettin laid, P1  

swmo22f 32F
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7/12/2006 12:03 am
Gettin laid, P1

So lets start with the sex lol so i met up with P1 for the first time tonight. He was really cool and i could totally see hanging out with and fucking him again. the sex was mmmmmmmmmmm plus he is a cool guy anyway. I love being peoples first AdultFriendFinder contact since they hardly know how to act... P1 was pretty cute and cool about it. Wanna fuck him again soon >>! . So im meeting up with M4 tomorrow. He is moving soon so he has been trying to get some of this lol.

on a different note i now have 47 condoms in my room. I went to the doctor you know THE doctor (no worries im all good) and they give you free condoms in a brown bag... well there were 27 of them in there and i had 20 at home from getting some free before... so many condoms in here i feel like im running some kinda game here lol

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