CUM in an Tell us ALL about it......: )  

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10/31/2005 6:19 am

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CUM in an Tell us ALL about it......: )

We're good listeners so whats on ya mind??
Here is whats on mine......

Let's say for instance that you pick up some money for your g/f or b/f, like 300.00 dollars. You go to their house to give it to them, and put it in their hand....
Now later, this person forgets that you had given it to them and doesn't accuse you of stealing but says you are lying and that you didn't hand them any money and you know for a fact that you did.
So at this point you look around to find it in their pants pocket, All of it.
Knowing that person misplaced it, they give you no apo;ogy and still tell you that you are a liar and they just looked in the same place that you did and didn't see it.
How would you feel if that person didn't accuse you of stealing but argued you down about not recieving it from u, and no apology, would you be offended? Or how would u feel?

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