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5/22/2006 5:05 am

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Some fun

Chris: I slowly kiss my way from the nape of your neck to the base of your spine, breathing hotly as my tongue and lips explore your skin.

Terry: I gently squeeze your nipples as kiss your lower abdomen, finding each spot that makes you react, mapping out a circuit of erogenous zones.

Chris: I trace the crack of your sweet butt with my tongue, skipping over the anus for now, burying my nose in your perineum.

Terry: I slide my tongue lightly along the inner lips of your vagina, watching your clitoris engorge, making it want me.

Chris: I return to your anus tracing the tight muscle with the tip of my tongue, then allowing my tongue to drop slightly into the opening.

Terry: Your clitoris is ready for me now, fully erect, almost glowing. I softly draw it between my lips, circling it with my tongue.

Chris: Now I press my tongue deeply into your rectum, sliding in and out, over and over, deeper and deeper.

Terry: Our mouths are clamped on each others vulvae, tongues going wild from g-spot to clitoris and back again.

Chris: I move up now, my throbbing cock seeking your anus, and finding it. I begin the slow, gentle process of entry, easing into it, watching the muscles in your back for any sign of tension or pain.

Terry: We are now concentrating solely on each others g-spots, coaxing out the big one, the mother lode.

Chris: I slowly begin sliding in and out, small strokes to begin with, gradually lengthening as you relax.

We explode in a shower of simultaneous orgasm. Squeezing each other, quivering with spasm after spasm. And finally, we hold each other lovingly thanking each other silently for a miraculous experience.

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6/16/2006 8:10 am

An interesting format serves to compliment its fine content.
Welcome to blogging, swingingcouple. *smiling*

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