Musings on a Hibiscus  

swingingcouple13 56M/54F
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5/22/2006 4:00 am
Musings on a Hibiscus

The beautiful hibiscus is such a sexual flower. It's delicate pistil is very phallic and appears to be in a state of perpetual ejaculation. It's scarlet heart is very cuneiform and looks like a vagina in the state of full arousal, wide open and inviting. It's open petals are reminiscent of the open arms, thighs and lovely face of a woman, warm in the sunshine, amazingly inviting.As with a loving woman, it seems too beautiful and unlikely to be to be interested in a clumsy oaf such as me. Fortunately, she has temporarily her sanity and is inviting me to share her beauty for just one moment. I kiss her delicate surfaces as a religious ritual worshipping her texture, her scent, her vision of loveliness. I imagine that she is a real woman and that I am gazing into her eyes as I bring her to orgasm after orgasm. I use my lips, my tongue, my fingers, my entire body to arouse and excite
her over and over again. Her eyes look wild sometimes, soft and loving at other times, following the cycle of our love-making. Sometimes they are closed or rolled back so that only the white is showing. This means to me that I have been successful in my efforts to make her happy and to make her feel wanted and exceptionally desirable.
Now I can die happy!

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