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6/16/2006 7:36 am
Gillian Free And Single

It all started by chance as I made contact with Gillian online chatting. We chatted during the evenings and night whilst I was working at home on my Masters degree. She was very explicit, especially when describing her various sexual experiences.

During one of our chats I was initially shocked to receive text from her now ex partner, Alan, stating he was online. However he soon put me at ease saying he had been aware of our contact for some time and suggested that the three of us should meet.

As they lived near Burnley and I was in the South Lakes they arranged to book in for an overnight stay at a local hotel. I arrived apprehensive but excited at around 8pm and was joined by Alan in the bar, they had both seen me arrive from their room.

We bought drinks, Alan saying that Gillian would be down shortly. When she did arrive what a fantastic sight to behold as she walked down the stairs; she was gorgeous and slim wearing a tight fitting long red dress which buttoned through at the front from top to bottom.

After some general introductions and chat with sips from our drinks, they suggested we went up to the resident's lounge. Following immediately behind Gillian back up the stairs it was obvious that she had absolutely nothing else on underneath her thin dress.

We took three chairs around a small table. There were a couple of small groups of other residents in the room and initially I had not noticed as was in conversation with Alan, but Gillian had unbuttoned several buttons at the bottom of her dress. She had her legs slightly apart and was fingering her pussy. When she saw me realise she pulled out her fingers and offered them to me, from which I willingly tasted her delightful nectar for the first time. In the mean time Alan had taken over and was now fingering her pussy, the other people in the room still unaware of what we were up to.

As we were all becoming highly aroused it was suggested that we went up to their room. When we entered I noticed that they had already set up a video camera to record our activities, which was turned on as we all quickly stripped off.

Gorgeous Gillian undressed in one movement as was wearing absolutely nothing else under her red button through dress. She turned out to be as insatiable as she had previously graphically described during our numerous online sessions. We were all feeling incredibly randy and Gillian was dripping wet and willing, as we both sucked her all over - I just adored the taste of her nectar when deep tonguing her wide open pussy. At one stage she was on her back on top of Alan, with his cock inside her arse and I was invited to lick her and then penetrate her. It was the most erotic feeling I had ever experienced as I could even feel Alan inside her too.

We kept in contact and I subsequently visited them at their home on several occasions. Once Alan arranged for me to turn up as a surprise for Gillian's birthday. Our meetings were incredibly exciting, often they would also play the video of our first meeting as well as other explicit videos. Sometimes we would play dares when each of us would write down a few scenarios or positions that we would like enact; the folded slips of paper would be drawn from a hat and as long as we were all in agreement would act out the scenario or undertake the dare drawn.

For various involved reasons our relationship ended after a couple of fantastic years, so I am left with the memories and always yearn to meet another couple to have fun with.

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