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7/8/2006 8:59 am

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This Site Works

Imagine my surprise when one of my ads actually got a response from someone who like me really wanted uncomplicated and horny sex.

In my ad I offered 'Oral' services and this guy wanted that and more. We met at a hotel in Cornwall and had a drink he then suggested that we take a room and promptly told me the number and to give him 15mins. I must admit feeling slightly nervous at how 'in charge' this guy was but I was also really intrigued. After 15mins I went to the room and let myself in with the spare key he had given me.

What a fantasic sight! he was lying naked and shaven on a dimly lit bed smiling saying "Come on then give me that 'Oral' speciality you have been offering on the net". I needed no second invite and I knelt between his legs and started to lap his beautifull cock which imediatly started to produce a lovely tasting sticky liquid which soon got me very wet too!. I must have spent 15/20 mins with him grinding himself to several climaxes in my mouth.

I decided that the ache I had in my pussy needed to be sorted out so I moved round into a 69 and he licked my pussy and I worked more on his cock.

To be honest I was so excited I came almost straight away and he also then came again!. We finished up licking each others faces and bodies. It was strange really because it was probably the first time I have had sex without penetration and it was fantastic!.

he has now gone away abroad but I am waiting for my text message beep to go on my mobile telling me he's back and needs sorting out again

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