Golf Club Romance from 5/24/2006  

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6/27/2006 8:11 am
Golf Club Romance from 5/24/2006

So, the weekend went fairly well. I ended up hanging out with my friend and told her I was poly after we consumed copious amounts of wine (can you say J Pinotage), after we ate excellent Italian food (Gnocchi in a truffle cream sauce for me). She expressed that she thought it was cool, just not for her, so I didn't push the issue. I'm fairly certain she knows that I am attracted to her. If the dancing in her living room to 50s music, and holding her close while we both stared at the ceiling talking about the book Wicked didn't get that message across, I'm not sure what would.

We then talked about the awful relationship she is in now, and I briefly thought "hopefully she tells this guy that she spent Saturday night/Sunday morning hanging out with her poly friend, and no one else was around"

From everything she was saying, he'd probably go into a jealous rage and break up with her. Talk about an easy out for her wink This is a man who saw some women running on the beach and said "they shouldn't dress that way, they're asking for a predator to do something to them."

I explained to her in great detail, how statements like that are sexist and fucked up in over 1000 ways, and indicate the person stating them, believes they have an intimate understanding of how sexual predators think, which is fucking scary.

The next morning was really amusing, we went to her golf club for breakfast. She is a tall blonde and decided to wear short tight leg revealing shorts, and a yuppie tank top. I decided to dress in jeans and my nightmare before x-mas long shirt. I also needed to keep my sunglasses on, because my eyes were hurting really badly. So, we get in and the entire crowd of yuppie white guys are giving me the evil eye (because of where I live, I forget that some people get weirded out by brown skin, I forget that golf clubs are a place where this is common behavior). It must have been driving them crazy to see us laughing and joking almost like a couple.
Anyway, we ate breakfast, and then the hostess, does the whole...

"I didn't want to say anything, but some times people complain about things. For future reference, if you want to eat here, you have to wear a collared shirt."

I looked around the room briefly and noticed that 3 tables of yuppie golfer white guys were staring right at me smugly. They of course did not have a leggy blonde sitting at their table. I almost burst out laughing, alas after all that drinking it actually hurt to laugh. We're going there again, to play golf next time. smile

In other news, my partner had an unfortunate occurence with one of her close friends. No physical relationship has occured with them, but they have been hanging out quite a bit. His girlfriend did not know they had been hanging out, discovered this, and went into a psycho rage.
Apparently, when she told him they can both have their own friends and their relationship was technically "open" she didn't really mean it (or he was lying about it all). Who knows? I'm so tired of people lying about their relationships. The comedy is, I don't lie about mine and it results in many people finding me reprehensible (perhaps these are the same people who lie?) I actually liked this guy, so it is a shame to me that things look like they'll be ending badly.

Hmmm, I keep using the word rage. It might be because, like the song my second favorite DJ is playing (sorry, my brother is the best in the world, however he is not the sexiest DJ in the world) "we've still got a long way to go." or in this case, I have a long way to go before I can relax. The morning is going to suck. Work and more work.

I can't wait for the 3 day weekend.

The job interview with the county went really, really well. However, I'm still not sure I want drive every day again. Yet, I currently am uninspired by what I do. Double binds suck, but double blinds are fine.

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