From 5/24/2006 Blowing Smoke Rings  

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From 5/24/2006 Blowing Smoke Rings

So, the weekend so far. My secret agent mystery woman wife has gone to Tahoe for the weekend for her Brothers wedding. One of her "friends" was going to maybe stop by and see her. It didn't work out.

Meanwhile, I went to visit a friend and his girlfriend yesterday and ended up in lust with roommate. What an interesting person, so attractive and such well kept feet (it was really odd for me to think that). I told her about my relationship, and that I was attracted and the response was "thank you". I'll take flattery over "you slimey strange pervert anyday."
Anyway, after consuming 3 bottles of wine, we got cozy, at least one massage occured (given by me to the latest lust interest, those well kept feet). It is funny, because typically a foot massage is something I'm not interested in giving, perhaps they were attractive feet also. Luckily she isn't married to Marcelas Wallace, so I won't be flying out of any 4th story windows. She is single.

We watched Rent, or at least parts of it, between the occasional clove ciggarrette.
I am not a consistent smoker (this was the first in oh about a year outside of the biyearly cigar), however years ago I taught myself to blow smoke rings. Last night, I pulled off some excellent clear rings, even with a mild breeze going.

Today, it is off to a joint that still serves breakfast at 2.45 in the afternoon, perhaps followed with watching the movie cars. Then if I'm lucky a completely different lust interest will call to go out to dinner. Followed by some eck... WORK..followed by a web cam with parrots.
There is a strange thing occuring with regards to the idea of polyamory that turned into a reality. I'm not sure how to write it out yet, but I will get around to it. I'm shifting in the way I think about things, after our early ventures into this different way of living resulted in me having some negative feelings.
I blame Weetzie Bat and her eternal optimism

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