5/25/2006 acid trip romance  

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6/27/2006 8:12 am
5/25/2006 acid trip romance

Two of my favorite memories of getting hit on....

It was a vocabulary test in English class, I had been letting the girl who sits next to me copy my answers for every test. I know, I probably should have helped her learn, but she was helping me with my cockney accent now that I'd arrived in America.

Anyway, the teacher of course was oblivious to the fact that we were cheating. I was done with my test in roughly 8 minutes, and we had 20 minutes to complete the test. So, I just sat there looking at the ceiling being sure that my answers were in clear view of the girl I was helping out. We were sitting in a circle that day and she was at an angle to me.

As I contemplated how many cracks were in the ceiling I felt something on my leg. I looked down, there was her foot. She slowly massaged my thigh with her foot, moved it up to my crotch area, then gave me a foot fondle. While looking right at me, and occasionally glancing at the teacher who was reading a book. Other students did not notice this at all. I sat still with amazement and just tried to not get overly aroused.

After the test she acted as if nothing had occured. I know now 15 years later, that this could have been the first of many fun times, but unfortunately I was a Brit, and had no idea what to do next.

Memory number 2,
extended edition(acid trip romance)
This may not be accurate all, because of the acid trip that was happening.

I had a friend in college, who probably would have been a Suicide Girl if this website had existed back then. Amazing red hair, pierced nipple, lip piercing, beautiful eyes, great smile, stunning personality.

Anyway, I digress. She decided to help me with my first foray with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. I was 19.

We started the evening over at my place, it was great. I of course started to feel quite different and we talked about what we were going to do that night.

She decided to not participate in the experience, but rather just watch me (for whatever reason, she thought it would be fun)...

We left the campus apartments with the intent of going to Wal-mart to buy smokes. It was strange, while we were walking to the parking lot, a cat jumped out from behind some bushes and she jumped into my arms.

At the time I was in the midst of trying to determine if the bushes were actually moving in the wind, or if I was making them move, so I barely caught a glimpse of the cat. She had her face real close to mine, and looked scared.
She quickly said "Are you okay? That cat was scary. Just don't freak out on me."

I chuckled like an insane person, and we walked to my car holding each other. She drove us to Wal-Mart. Just before arriving there, I became extremely paranoid about my eyes and how they might appear to people, so I put my sunglasses on.

We arrived there at 12.30 am, and I had a great time looking at the various products with different eyes. Although my focus was primarily her. As we were wandering around, the song "I wear my sunglasses at night" started blaring over the pa. I didn't realize it at the time but this was perhaps some kind of employee joke. We made a hasty exit from the store, because I got a little paranoid.

So, we then went to visit her friends place to watch a movie. Apparently their VCR was broken, I said "I can fix anything with a screwdriver." They were in the same state I was in and found this tremendously amusing. I couldn't help but laugh and repeat myself, over and over, and they laughed and laughed. We then went back to her place to get a screwdriver.

We walked into her room in the dark she said "hold on a second, I'll turn the lights on" or something like that. She turned the light on, got the screwdriver then turned the light off again.

As we were leaving her room we entered a corridor seperating her living room and bedroom, she fumbled around a little because it was pitch black. She reached out and grabbed me by the penis, (I was wearing plaid shorts, no underwear).

She then groped around and copped a good feel. Suddenly she said "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to..grab I thought it was your hand or...".

I laughed really hard and said "if you're gonna get a grope, then so am I." and quickly grasped her breast and gave her nipple a quick tug. We laughed, and then exited the dark corridor.

We walked to the campus courtyard, because we decided we didn't want to fix her friends VCR. I got really sad and contemplative about things, and explained how I constantly feel alone (perhaps if I had read Steppenwolf back then, I would have known why).

I talked about how I felt I was standing at the shore, and other people were the pretty shells. I'd examine them carefully, and try to understand them, but eventually get bored and throw them back into the ocean.

We walked some more and she said to me something along the lines of "You made me so angry the other day, you asshole. I had intentions to make this bad for you."

It wasn't a complete surprise, I had gone out with her the week before and then wrote her a scathing email regarding her hug technique (she used to give the classic fake hug). I of course also insulted her personality in every way I could.

It was right then, as she said it that I realized what was happening. I had lost a piece of myself in her presence and the only way to feel good right then was to stand right next to her. At 3.00 in the morning, while tripping out on LSD I became aware of the fact that I'd made a very bad mistake.

She explained to me that she had taken a few hits the night of my bad email, with every intention of having a really bad trip. I really wanted to sort this all out, but I needed to sit down.

She described how the trip had actually been really good, and how dancing fairies had told her how wonderful she really was. They told her this while she was hanging out in the campus computer labs preparing to send me a venom filled email that was never typed.

In front of the closed campus cafeteria, there was a stairwell and a wall on either side of it, we put chairs on the walls and sat down and started to talk. There we sat under the stars in front of the closed campus cafeteria.

I'm not sure what I said to her, but I think she finally started to realize that I was completely insane and the insults were due to terribly low self esteem.

We had a lenghty discussion about how people are so different and can never really communicate clearly to each other, how words just get in the way.

I then went into a long diatribe about how great she was, followed by me getting off my chair and almost falling. I walked across the space between us and stated something along the lines of "Now I've covered the distance between us."

We then made the walk back to my place. I said I was hungry as hell and would she like to eat with me. I asked her "what now? can we go out and stuff? like you know?"

I'm not sure what her response was. I just remember saying to her "he who has the food wins."

We laughed hard about that, and then got back to my place. We ate and then lay on the couch together for what seemed like an eternity. I held her hands in mine and played with her hair. There was nothing else to think about, nothing else to do. At some point she mentioned something about having to go, I might have begged her to stay over and sleep with me (just sleep)...

She didn't...

The next day arrived. Unfortunately I am me and had no idea what to do next.

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