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3/3/2006 4:55 pm

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letter to ex

This is part of a letter I recently wrote to my ex. The one I talked about in an earlier blog.

When the shit goes down, I will not be there for
you. You "used" up the one caring, compassionate,
friend you had that would drop everything to take care
of you and your family. You are selfish, bitter and

As to who you see in your private life...Maybe some
day you'll see what I've tried to do to save you from
yourself. Your need for companionship has made you
prey and (name) is the predator. If you want to smother
your life by smoking crack, pile on more emotional
devastation, issues, futility and baggage as a result
of that loser. Knock yourself out. Why don't you
introduce your new biker/dealer/crackhead/whore to
your friends in Virginia. I'm sure they'll be proud of
your new and improved, carefully picked, "real man".
You are truly blind. You continue to think that I've
been trying to make you look like a crack whore.

(name), you did that all by yourself.

I don't even waste my time anymore talking about you
and yours. I haven't in weeks. I've exaggerated
nothing. It's AMAZING that the horrible opinions from
6 different people are all hyped up gossip and dirty
little lies. That is such a bizarre coincidence.
Maybe!...It's a sinister conspiracy compiled from
victims of society who have nothing. They plot to
destroy the "rep" of a GREAT man! The all mighty
(name)! The one who has it all! Including a notch in
his bedpost for you.


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