getting a little hot under the collar...  

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5/24/2006 12:31 pm

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getting a little hot under the collar...

I'd like to share this thought with you, more of a memory...

For a while, whilst trying to be a rock star, I kept myself in Cigarettes and alcohol by giving massages. Something I'm admittedly not bad at. Pretty much all of the people who came paid in kind and most where female. There was one in particular who was a regular, I will call her Saff.
On one occasion I remember very well I woke with my phone ringing. I answered fairly blearily to hear Saffs voice. She asked simply if I could spare some time to give mer a back massage that day. Not being busy I told her I would be happy to. Outside I could hear the rumble of distant thunder and rain starting to fall.
Less than an hour later there was a knock at my door and sure enough there is Saff. I invited her in and sat her in the living room whilst making a cup of tea. Once finished I sat with her on the couch. She was soaked from the building storm outside and her hair was sodden and with strings of it hanging down her face. I smiled and said "I'm sorry, you're soaked, would you like a towel?"
She give a half smile back and said, "that would be nice."
I promptly brought her a towel and as I handed it over she said to me "have you got a dryer, so I can dry my clothes."
I nodded and before I could say anymore she started taking her clothes off. A little taken aback I said "would you like something to change into?" trying to play it cool.
"no need," she said as she stood before me now down to her underwear, "you're only going to have me taking it all off anyway."
I smiled and said "well in that case we may as well get started." We walked into my room that I had prepared with a little soothing music and lavender oil in the burner. She walked in took a breath of satisfaction turned around and looked me in the eye. She smiled slightly and reached behind her back to undo her bra, she slowly slipped it off and let it drop to the floor. This was not the way this usually went I thought.
She led on the bed and waited for me to start. I knelt over her and began to rub her slightly knotted shoulders in gentle circles. I could feel her muscles begin to relax under my fingers as they probed and slid over her skin, assisted by the scented massage oil that created a thin slick. She gently moaned as my hands slid down her spine between her shoulder blades. My fingers increased their pressure and pushed away the stress in her toned muscles beneath the soft skin. Saff was always somewhat of a joy to massage.
As my hands worked their way down to the middle of her back Saff's moans got a little louder, though still soft and a little muffled. She also began to move a little. She had never been like this before. I before long reached the small of her back and by this point I could feel a warmth building in my loins and a sense of tension. "a little lower." said Saff gently. I obeyed and took my hands to just above her coccyx. I could feel the rise of her buttocks and with it the rise of arousal.
I tried to concentrate on the massage but I could feel myself hardening and I knew that with my possition, knelt over Saff, she would feel it to. I was about to discreetly shift myself when Saff gently said "hmmm, that's nice." I wasn't at first sure if she just meant the massage so I decided perhaps a little test and instead of pulling away I pushed my erection a little harder against her, at the base of her buttocks. She said nothing but shifted to one side a little.
I said to her "is that ok?"
she answered "could you go lower please." I slid my hands down pushing her pants out of the way, "just take them off." Saff said matter of Factly.
I slipped her knicker off and went back to massageing her buttocks. I was now harder than ever but because of my possition not against her. I slid my hands back up her back to her shoulders and settled with my aroused member pressed against her. She shiffted slightly from side to side then said "no that's not right" I was a little worried that I'd gone too far when I felt her hands reach behind her and undo my trousers. She held my erection in her hands for a moment then guided it between her cheeks and said "there, that's better."
I continued to massage her shoulders my cock rubbing with the movement and I felt her tense her butt around my cock. I lowered my body and kissed her shoulders and Saff sighed gently and reached back to caress my thighs...

I'll complete this later. Promise. It's a memory that has reall been coming back recently tho.

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