sexual Lists Part one  

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8/15/2006 9:55 am

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sexual Lists Part one

My friend keeps asking me what my fantasies are and what Id want to do sexually. Everytime I said something he had done it. Anyway Going to have a good think about it and put up things Ive done and want to do.
I feel Ive not really been that adventourous. I spent the first 9 years in a relationship where my partner thought it was weird having sex downstairs in our home. Although we did do the bowling green and tennis court in our first year together.
It was 2 years before I even had an orgasm ,he didn't even know where my clit was for the whole 9 years.
God was I shocked when I met someone who did.
Things Ive done.

Sex in a swimming pool changing room.
on a bowling green.
Tennis court (grass).
Playground roundabout.
in a B&B.
Bed, floor, kitchen,stairway, landing,sofa.
Under a tunnel.
Outside down some steps .
Down an alleyway.
In a car (wanked him off)
on a bench in Bridlington( finger fucked)Fantastic and almost got caught.
On a bench in hudds.(hand job)
in a nightclub (finger fuck)
Food play with chocolate, ice , beer. Body shots not really a turn on but it tickled.

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