Why diets never work  

sweetypie2004 49F
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8/16/2006 8:53 am
Why diets never work

Well they dont ,and its because we stupidly tell people , HEY I'M ON A DIET.
They just love it when you fail.

Ive been cutting back since June ,and started taking my son swimming.
Then on my holiday I went swimming with him and on my own for an couple of hours a day.
I want to go now but school hols its bedlam with screaming splashing kids.

So Ive a few things to do before the school term opens.
Keep eating only at meal times and healthy snacks if I have to eat.

Gotta attempt to finish stripping my bathroom its pathetic really been half left now for over a year. During the heatwave I avoided it.
Its a pain being 5ft 3 and hating heights and climbing step ladders.
Ive got a plan though , saved a spray bottle and got my vac attachment and selloptape lol will try scraper the paper off that way.
Should have seen my attempt to start painting my kitchen with a roller or paint brush attached to it. Still thats another job needs doing too.
I'm capable I know I can.

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