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sweetypie2004 48F
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7/18/2006 4:45 am
Talk for Yorkshire

Well still having Pc probs and while sorting it my oldest friend phoned me up out of the blue. I'm a terrible friend not seen her since last year to be honest , well seen her a couple of times passing my house. So guess she's has bad too. Ive known her since I was 5 we went to the same schools and she's my sons godmother along with our other friend that we have known since we were 11.
Anyway we talk like we only saw each other yesterday when we catch up and she makes me laugh so much. She was a bit upset over our other friend , they have daughters who are a month apart in age and go to the same school and in the same class and they no longer get along. And she warned her if things didn't improve in no uncertain terms she would lose a friend. I think thats awful myself , no matter how your kids are they have been friends for 27 years.
Anyway we have decided after the summer hols we are going to make more effort and go swimming and catch up more with each other.

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