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6/30/2006 12:52 am

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... I know that...and its really pissing me off... knowing that u do a lot of sacrifices to a certain special one and it seemed like you are ignored and never appreciated and it will reverse back in the ends like its all your fault!!! now how does it make u feel? Damn! i never did anything wrong.... oh my gosh! Now Im trying to move on.... things happes so fast, when I love a certain person, I love her not INSPITE of but DESPITE of...and i think people need to to a lot of understanding when it comes to that aspect..you will not only love the person coz she is attractive, God damn so good in bed, best cooker or so... I believe we need to love the person as a WHOLE and I meant including all the negative attitudes... ok i love this girl so much...even if she's a nagger, lazy , whatever.... whatever it is! I LOVE HER.... I hope she realized that soon... as when my love is gone, there's no turning back... even if i love her, I just hope that it will not be too late.... coz I am so so hurt.... i dont know how long i can deal with this, or how long it will be... I LOVE THE PERSON DEARLY BUT I AM ALSO THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO WONT PUSH MYSELF TO SOMEONE WHO IS NOT HAPPY WITH ME...ONE THING IS FOR SURE... IM ALWAYS HERE AT AdultFriendFinder AND SHE KNEW MY EMAIL...SOMEHOW, IM GONNA TAKE CARE OF MY EMAIL NOT TO BE DELETED. people should learn how to value true people.

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6/30/2006 6:00 am

ouch...sorry you have been neglected. i know how it feels to have the sense that you have given everything and gotten little back. i hope you get over it because the longer you dwell the more it hurts. a smile and a hug to ya. i hope someone gives you the love you deserve.

sweetvanilla2228 36F

6/30/2006 10:29 am

i am so so soo..so much in pain i wished i never fall in love....

sweetvanilla2228 36F

6/30/2006 10:30 am

..im hurting.. so bad..

handyman12362 54M

7/9/2006 7:08 am

true love,

True Love should be 2 people who share the same feeling for one another ,if one is hurting their partner should feel and comfort that hurt,to help get over it.
two people who are not afraid to show there true feeling to one another live love and laugh together with out hurting one another.
sitting down and calmly discussong the problems instead of yelling and calling each other foul names. The worst thing a couple cand do is go to bed mand each other because then you still wake up mad each other.True love is intimacy ,romance ,spontaity,laughter and most of all beinng there for another. Post 408078

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