The Great Dane  

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6/9/2005 2:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The Great Dane

I went to Dublin. Had to see my gyn. Just a check-up. I called Dane on the phone when my appointment was over. Met up and followed him to his home. We sat on his couch and talked for a few minutes. When I finally shut-up--he kissed me. Passionatly. As we kissed, I laid back on his couch as he crawle on top of me paying attention to my lips and tongue. He pulled me up and we walked to his bedroom. He undressed me slowly first taking off my shirt then bra. He kissed my my breasts and sucked my nipples. I moaned and pushed myself into his mouth. I then unbuttoned my pants and pulled my them down along with my panties. I then laid on the bed and he took his shirt off. We kissed some more and asked to suck on his cock. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off exposing his dick. I wanted to taste him and suck him like he had never been sucked before. I went down on his cock licking the bottom as I sucked and lubricating him with my saliva. I used my hand at the base and rubbed as I sucked and licked. Then as I got worked up I went deep throat on him and fucked him with my mouth. He then laid me on the bed and spread my legs. He started to lick and suck on my clit and fingering my pussy. I started to squirt all over his sheets as he ate my me so sweetly. My body jerked up and I started to moan with pleasure. The pleasure ran through my entire body and I started to push my cunt into his face. I soaked his face with my sweet pussy juices. He then came up to my face with his and told me to lick my juices off of his face. I started to lick his face lapping up my juices tasting myself all over his face. Then he kissed me crawling on top of me and entered me with his hard cock. He began to fuck me slowly then more and more harder. My body began to grind back into him fucking him back. Drops of sweat began to drop on my face and i began to wipe his face with my hands as I told him to fuck me hard and harder. Rocking our bodies back and forth more and more I began to scream as I climaxed under him and was fucking me harder and harder. And with one explsosive push he began to cum inside of me. My cunt squeezed his cock drinking the juices right out of him as my orgasm growing more and more intense. We lay there a minute as he was on top of me and we panted for air. We layed and talked a while there naked. Of course we did it again at least 3 more times. And right at the end he gave me a treat. Tell you about it in the next blog.

naughtyboy9541 54M

7/1/2005 10:32 pm

sweettreats! you told me you ran out of gas that night. sounds like you had a full tank and a reserve! dammit! i'm jealous!

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