Fantasies CAN Come True  

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1/12/2006 5:47 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Fantasies CAN Come True

Back when I was a young 18 year old with a tight bottom and firm bustline(before 5 children), I posed for some pics which I submitted to an adult magazine and was really excited when one was published, UNTIL, I realized that my brothers, as well as my husbands brothers, all read this magazine on a regular basis. But as the years have gone on and the children have grown and my husband and I are playing, and I am having a fantastic time with AdultFriendFinder and the partners(for the most part) that I have found, I have found myself again fantasizing about posing nude and making adult videos. The thought of men, and other women, looking at me and wanting me has been causing more of a stir in my imagination of late.

Then, I meet with one of the contacts that my husband has set up as a MMF threesome. What a great meeting, but even more so was the discovery that this man is an artist, with many works which I recognized, and he asked me to pose. My husband and I went to my first posing session and WOW!, not only was I excited about posing nude, but watching my husbands excitement as he watched me getting ready for the bondage poses and the moving around the room nude as the photos were being shot got me even more excited thinking that I can have this affect on other men.

I am so excited about the prospect of posing for some bi-pics and videos,as well as more bondage and S&M..the realization of one fantasy is opening a more curious attitude about things which heretofore I would never have considered.

I guess my advice is: If you have a fantasy, keep it alive, sometimes they do come true, even if it took 23 years...Oh! but worth the wait...I think it may even be sweeter now!

beaudean64 48M/47F

1/16/2006 10:03 pm

That is very hot!!! I'm home alone, and very stiff now. We need to make time to meet!

rm_BUFALO52 62M

1/17/2006 8:49 am

You sound very delicious.

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