Playlinda nude beach directions.  

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Playlinda nude beach directions.

Playalinda Beach
Canaveral National Seashore
Titusville, Fla.
"SIMPLY THE MOST beautiful natural beach in Florida" is how some visitors describe Playalinda Beach, a part of the Canaveral National Seashore. After several legal challenges in the 1990s, continued nude use of the beach has been made possible thanks to the continuing efforts of the Central Florida Naturists group.

"Playlinda Beach means ‘pretty beach’; that is what it is named for, its beauty," says Frank Cervasio, head of the user group Central Florida Naturists. "It is a pristine beach, one of the very few pristine beaches on the east coast of Florida and one of the only areas that has a traditional nude beach."

The traditional clothing-optional use area is located on the far north end of the beach and is served by parking lot 13. Early morning arrival is vital to avoid walking from one of the other parking areas. With its proximity to the Kennedy Space Center, visitors can expect to have their vehicles fully inspected and may have restricted access prior to a shuttle launch or landing. Visitors should check on shuttle activity to avoid disappointment.

Beach Brief: Playalinda

Season: April‒October

Parking: Entrance fee required to national seashore. Parking lot size limited; recommended arrival by 8:00 a.m.

User Group: Central Florida Naturists, 407-381-0637,

Directions: From Highway 1 or 95, take Route 406 east through Titusville. Cut onto Route 402 past the National Seashore headquarters and continue on toward the beach. Turn left (north) through the gates and for 5 miles follow the paved road behind Playalinda. Get as close to the dead end as possible and park. Continue north on foot until you reach the clothing-optional section; other nude users should be a sure sign you’re there. Stay out of the dunes at all times.

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