"Poke Her" Party - Part 1  

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8/8/2006 8:33 am

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10/15/2006 4:02 pm

"Poke Her" Party - Part 1

Well, we had another "Poke Her" party again last night; a party where we get out the poker chips, snacks and drinks, then shuck our clothes and play other games. Since everyone there, this time, was people we'd played with before, we just skipped the card game and got out the sex toys.

It started kind of slow, with each couple doing their own thing, but all in the same room. It is such and erotic thing to be making love to your lover while seeing and hearing other couples do the same. However, we have always loved more than just soft swinging, especially with people we are comfortable with.

The couple next to us, John and Cindy, began fucking, so we followed their lead and did the same. The other couple was in the corner fucking up a storm. As John continued working on Cindy's pussy, I continued fucking Robyn while licking Cindy's nipples. Soon Cindy was writhing in ecstasy! This made Robyn even hotter and wetter as I slid my cock in and out of her and alternated between kissing her and licking Cindy's nipples. Soon John was cumming in Cindy as she purred like a kitty in heat! I began to pound Robyn hard and fast as she screamed with multiple orgasms. Good thing, because it was all I could do to keep from cumming myself...I wanted to save that for later.

After a few minute break, the girls had us lay on our backs and they began to suck our cocks. Before they got really got started, Robyn said to Cindy: "let's switch cocks". They both giggled like schoolgirls. So the girls traded places with Robyn sucking John's cock and Cindy's on me. I must say that it is very interesting to have a new mouth on your cock; everyone is different; size, temperature, and technique. Robyn was sucking on John like not tomorrow as Cindy slowly caressed the shaft of my cock. He mouth felt so good and I knew I would be cumming soon. We had played with this couple before in a soft swing situation, so I was not sure what the rules were going to be, so I was doing all I could not to cum in Cindy's mouth. But soon I heard John moaning and then Robyn was humming, obviously with a fresh load of cum in her mouth! She swallowed it all and was licking her lips. This sent me over the edge and I grew harder and the tingling at the base of my cock began, telling me that a cumming was eminent. Robyn winked at me and said "looks like Cindy is about to get a mouth full of cum too", just as I was erupting into Cindy's mouth. She also swallowed every drop. As both of us guys laid there in a stupor, Robyn came over and gave me a deep kiss with the taste of John's cum still on her lips.

This was only the first round of fun. More kinky things to cum in part 2.

LnJnHumble 72M/58F

10/4/2006 12:30 pm

Now this is the kind of house party you only dream about. I would much prefer this type of mini-orgy situation over one where there are a few bedrooms available and people take turns using them. I love hearing the sounds of sex while I am having sex. My wife and I would love to cum to a party like that. Maybe one day we will be able to make a trip to Austin.

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