Humm tonight is a great night for?  

sweetpuss4u7997 37F
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12/12/2005 10:52 pm

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2/7/2014 5:30 pm

Humm tonight is a great night for?

Well like i said tonight is a great night to cuddelup and have good ass fuck sesions that blow your mind. I mean the kind where your under the covers and just start to kiss and feel each other up and a hand comes over one breast and flicks at a nipple and then a nice warm wet mouth on a nipple umm then a hand on the other puckers nipple all nice and hard waiting to be sucked and licked then a hand goes down and finds very wet panties and theres a groan oh baby your so wet. then positions are changed as i go down your chest kissing and licking and a few bites. till i get to you navel and swirl my tongue till i get to the head of that nice and hard cock i put it in my mouth and just suck the head like i am succking on a straw then i put it all the way in my mouth till no more fits in me umm then just go up and down up and down. then i go down and lick and suck gently on your balls umm then go back to your cock. you cant stand it any more and grab my head and make me take it all in till i gag and them push me on the bed pull mylegs apart and bury your head im my nice sweet and wet pussy. you lick and suck on my clit till i come all over you face ummm. then you come up and kiss me and ask if i am ready and i say yes put it in me nay way you want umm i cant wait for that nice and hot and hard cock to be in me so you push my legs even further apart and then you push in nice and hard and fast sink all the way in you cant belilve that my pussy is so tight and you start to move in and out while i try to hold you inme you pound me hard and fast till i am twisting and moaning that i am about to come and i want it faster and harder so i can feel your balls hiting me umm yes yes just like that. i then tell you i am coming let me know when you cumm so you can cumm in my mouth i love to suck cock and i love the way it feels as it cumms on my face in my mouth umm tastes so good. ahh well just a fantasy or more like a dream i would notmind having for real it is cold need a warm body to keep me nice and warm oh well just a thought i would put it out there.

rm_calibadboy4u 43M

12/21/2005 2:32 pm

Hi there:

I'm 30, 6'-2", light skin, latin/american, goatee, small brwn eyes, short brwn hair, football player build, professional during the day....badboy undercover. =) Also from the LA area, so I'm pretty close too you. Was just checking out your profile on here....and maybe were both looking for the same thing. I'm pretty down to earth, easy going.....not even close to the pushy type. I love to be spontaneous and always love to try something different every time.

I'm looking for a friend.......who can be a badgirl when the time is right. =P I also love to flirt....constantly thinking in a freaky way....not 24/7.....but Love to please and a lil teasing but never for too long. Also not the selfish to concentrate on my partner first. I do have a badboy side that I'd like to tell you about. So what about you? Are you the shy type? What fantasies do you have, that you can share with me? Write me back, I'm for real, hope you are too. Hope to hear from you soon. You can write me here or on my yahoo. Bye. =P

rm_hvnfun323 41M

1/6/2011 12:41 am

I love you already. - But are you really down to hook up or are you all talk?

rm_666dog3 47M
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1/31/2011 8:33 pm

hello!!! pretty sexy & horny woman well you are the real woman so please allow me to please you from toe to head & stop in all right place & then fuck slow start & on & on baby!!!!!!!!!!

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