This is for the single momma's  

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10/17/2005 1:50 pm

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This is for the single momma's

Single Momma Juggle

I can't imagine what it would be to have a life of normality
Everday seems a new struggle smiling in the face of adversity with my single momma juggle
Wondering what it would be
to sleep in
not clean
no laundry
be free
from responsibility
to have my own money
It's not my children that take my individuality or my spirit to be free
But rather the stresses of a life of living hand to mouth where the landlord says not to make more than this but I'm charging more than that plus lights & water & don't be late cuz I'll put ya ass out
No help from welfare but I won't go there
Wait...yes, I will
Welfare, as defined by me: viscious cycle designed to hold down single mommas and those living in poverty
Giving each enough to feed all their kids that are hungry
But not enough to sustain while they seek better things
Forcing those to get a job and what happens then?
1. If you make more than minimum wage they cut the money off
2. They let you keep the food stamp visa but it's reduced to $24.84 a month
3. Your rent goes up cuz of the rules of Section 8 & HUD
4. You pay more in daycare then you bringin' home
You realize life was much easier when you was living on welfare
So you go get back in that line, hand the worker all your pride & get your fair share
So, back to my struggles
My single momma hustle
Working 2 jobs, going to school, maintaining my house juggle
My life ain't no different from the next
Single momma not on welfare trying to do my best
Taking these few spare moments to wonder
Dream &

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