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My Favorite

as i approached the doorstep, i noticed the door was ajar. all of my common sense was telling me to turn and run back to my car and call the police. but curiosity always gets the best of me. so i supressed the common sense and tip toed to the door pushing it wide open. not a light was on in the house. not even the light i leave on over the stove. as hard as i tried, i couldn't focus in the darkness.

unconsciensiouly, my ears became my eyes tuning in to every sound. so keen at that moment, i could hear the dust settling around me. i knew walking through the foyer with my heals on would give me away to whatever entity was in my home. as quietly as i could, i pulled each foot from my shoes, put my purse down, and gripped my car keys in my hand as hard as i could. i took a step on to the carpet and decided that walking through my house wasn't such a good idea.

quietly, i lowered myself to my knees and began crawling slowly towards the hallway. my mind was racing and adrenaline was rushing through my body as i neared the opened spare bedroom door to my left. i pressed my body as close to the wall as i could and peered through the open door. i crept passed the open door and continued to make my way down the hallway keeping my body close to the wall. i remembered that i pulled my bedroom door shut before i left earlier in the evening. i didn't want to make any noise but knew i had to get to my gun. whoever was in my house was not going to successfully violate my privacy. i reached up and turned the knob. after what felt like an hour's time, the latch collapsed releasing the door from its shut position and i made my way inside. just as i rounded the foot of my bed towards my night stand where i kept my loaded gun, i felt him.

fear filled my body shuting down my hearing and seeing leaving me crippled right in that spot. my brain was telling me to stand up and run but i wasn't sure if he was in front of me or behind me. and then i knew.

i could feel the warmth from his body encompass me from behind sending chills all over. he pulled my hair away from my left shoulder positioning it over my right and leaned close to my ear. he whispered, "i'm not going to hurt you, baby. there is no reason to fight me. i'm going to reach around and take your keys. promise me you are going to be a good girl and not do anything stupid. can you do that for me?" his voice rumbled in my ears and sounded so smooth.

he steadied himself on his left hand and reached around to my right side to commondeer my keys. every fiber within me was telling me to draw back and head butt him but the fear within me wouldn't allow me to do anything except breath. i took a deep hushed breathe in as i felt him pulling the keys from my hand and allowed my body to completely relax underneath him. i didn't have the guts to fight him and knew it was in my best interest to just cooperate.

he slid the keys across the floor far underneath my bed. "mmm, you are a good girl. now, do daddy a favor. whatever i tell you to do from this point on, just do it like the good girl you have proven so far to be and you and i will get along just fine. can you do that for daddy, baby? can you be daddy's good girl?"

my lack of responding, i'm assuming, gave this stranger the green light to continue on with his plan. i could feel he was much bigger than me and i was in such a compromising position that i couldn't have done anything if i tried.

"mmm, you smell so good, baby. i'm not going to hurt you, baby. so just relax. like this." he said. he held my waist with his left arm as he pulled my arms outstreatched to either side of my body leaving my body in a lying position. he pulled his own arm from beneath my body and began running his hands up my back to my head. he pulled my hair back away from my right shoulder and leaned into me. i could feel him breathing on my neck as he began gently sucking and biting on my neck. running his tongue from the nape of my neck around to the front up my chin to my lips to my ear. i so desperately didn't want to be enjoying this but my brain wouldn't allow me not to. this stranger knew me somehow and was lighting every perverted deviant fire within my soul.

still suckling and biting at my neck, he moved his hands down my back. i felt him move to a seated position beside my body and wanted to turn my head to see this stranger that was secretly seducing me but i just kept my eyes clamped shut. i didn't want to chance turning this moment into something violent.

god, what was i thinking? this stranger was going to me. i don't know anything about him and thoughts of every aids patient i had ever treated started flashing before my eyes. yet, i still couldn't move or speak to try to reason with this man. the fires were already burning and i wanted this.

"mmm, daddy's girl must like this. i hear you breathing like you do." he rumbled as he moved his hands closer to my thighs. my body was tingling and i started to feel faint resemblences of throbbing within my loins.

he firmly rubbed my thighs moving his hands again to my waist pulling my shirt up to my shoulders exposing my back to the darkness. i felt him lean close and begin kissing my back and sides sending chills all over my flesh. as his lips were meeting my back, his hands were moving to pull my skirt over my waist. he must have felt the warmth from my pussy because he started to kiss my body harder running his tongue up my spine and back down again. his hands slid under me searching for a way to free the skirt from my body. he pulled it back down over my ass down my legs and threw it across my bed. leaning into me, he whispered for me to pull my shirt over my head. instinctively, i did as i was told and placed my hands back to their original position.

"mmm, the sight of you has always turned me on, baby. and now seeing your naked body lying before me excites me even more. you trust me when i say that i'm not going to hurt you, baby. do you trust that i won't hurt you?"

i shook my head yes.

"good, then just keep being a good girl for daddy."

my body was ablaze as his hands found their way back to my thighs. he rubbed my thighs squeezing them and moaning. i wanted to moan too but i couldn't. i just laid there soaking up all the things he was doing to my body. he moved his hands closer to the inside of my thighs and leaned in running his tongue along the underside of my ass edging closer to where i wanted him to be. he pulled my waist from the floor as he continued licking and biting and sucking. my body was burning with desire and then it happened. he held my waist tight, pulled me close to his mouth and i felt his warm mouth meet my pussy.

every muscle in my body tightened and i tried to sustain my enjoyment but sensed he could feel it from within.

"mmm, just like a peach."

he ran his tongue around the opening of my pussy and up to the clit flicking his tongue hard against it then pulling it in his mouth sucking firmly. i knew that i was swollen and felt myself getting wet beneath his mouth. my head was spinning and i wanted to explode. flick. flick. flick. he teased my clit and then moving down toward the opening. without missing any flesh, he ate my pussy. sucking and fucking me with his mouth while his hands held my ass digging his nails into my flesh pulling back and smacking it gently. i could hear him sucking down all of my juices and with each flick of his tongue the feeling of eruption grew greater and greater within me. my leg began to twitch and i let out a soft moan.

"mmm, you like this? i knew you would. let me hear how much you like it. don't forget to be my good girl."

he began rubbing my pussy as he licked it strategically finger fucking me as he sucked on my clit. faster then slower faster then slower. i could feel juice running down my thighs and wanted to cum but held it in.

he pulled his face from between my thighs, licked his fingers clean and positioned himself on his knees behind me. i could hear him undo his pants and felt the warmth from his dick as he pulled it from his pants.

he teased me putting the head close to my opening then rubbing my clit then to the opening forcing my body to rock closer to him and with him. then he would rub me with his hands slipping a finger in my pussy then back over my clit. i wanted to beg at that moment. beg for him to finish me. beg for him to slide his dick in my pussy and pull my hair and slap my ass. but i had to be a good girl.

i was amazed at myself for succombing so easily to this stranger. but everything he did to my body was an answer to my sick sexual prayers. each touch burned his mark in my soul. each flick of his tongue and pressure from his hands made the physical take over the mental forcing all thoughts from my brain. this stranger, this , was pleasing me and i was enjoying it.

he pulled my hips higher and closer to his body as he reached around to finger my clit. i tried to move my hips in such a way that i would be able to position my pussy right over his dick and pull it in. he felt my movements and moved his hands back to my waist, pulled back a little and slid his dick in me. it was such a rush to my body to have his enormity within that i let out a sigh of relief that he finally put it in.

he began riding me bouncing my ass up and down on his dick slower then faster forcing himself in me deeper and deeper. i rocked along with him moving my hips to meet him for a deeper penetration. he pulled my hair back gently and rumbled, "mmm, good girl. rock my dick, baby. you daddy's good girl. rock my dick. take all this dick, girl. all of it."

just then, he pulled himself from me and rolled to his back. instinctively, i started to climb atop but he stopped me forcing me into a 69. as i was grinding my pussy against his mouth, i felt myself giving into the pressures of the orgasm and began to cum. i gently grabbed his dick with my hands and sucked it into my mouth feverishly sucking him as i came. he moaned each time i took him deeper into my mouth. i flicked the head of his dick with my tongue then sucking it into my mouth to reach the depth of my throat. his dick grew harder and he moaned fucking me with his tongue. at that moment, he too gave in to an orgasm and i sucked it all down.

"this by far, has to be the best you've ever been, daddy. don't scare me like that anymore. you really had me going." i said as i rolled from my man's body.

"i love it that you my nasty girl, baby."

"i like making you happy."

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