Will you remember?  

sweetnslownsoft 56F
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12/3/2005 7:06 am
Will you remember?

After I'm Gone
Will you remember,
My soul being sweet, my heart being tender?
The hands that I've held, the lips that I've kissed?
The things that I've done and those that I've missed?
After I'm gone, will you regret,
The things that you said, or haven't said yet?
The times that I left, when I wanted to stay,
The hours that I worked, when I wanted to play?
After I'm gone, will you mourn,
For the memories inside of me, yet to be born?
For the days in the sun and nights in the rain,
For the laughter and love, heartache and pain?
After I'm gone, will you grieve,
For the love that I wanted, but never received?
For the times, when for them I put myself in a bind,
For the answers to the questions I never did find?
After I'm gone, will it be hard,
To read my poem or birthday card?
To go to the places where you saw me smile,
To know that I loved you all the while?
Will you remember my face and my hair,
And most important to me,
Will you care?

Plano69 54M

12/3/2005 9:34 am

I'll remember the sun in your hair
the way that you smiled
the sexy way that you stared
the wonderful way you'd laugh and play
the reasons I loved you every night and day
I'll cherish each memory
deep in my heart
as long as I live
we'll never be apart...

(nice poem... )

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